Did you know that being God's person will usually create reactions from others who are resisting him?*

If you follow Christ, the government will oppose you (Matt. 10.18-40), religious people will oppose you (v.17), and family will oppose you (v.21). There is fear and worry naturally because of this. The pressures will be that there will be threats (v.26), physical harm (v.28), public ridicule (v.22), and rejection by loved ones (v.34-37). But God provides the needed truth, that it will be revealed (v.26), our souls cannot be harmed (v.28), God Himself will acknowledge us if we acknowledge Him (v.32), and God's care can easily sustain us (v.31). Wow!

* When I say God's person, I do not mean it in the sense of one of the 3 Person's of the Godhead. Person with a small p indicates a person for God and one of God's people when saying "God's person". Person with a capital P indicates one of 3 forms God reveals Himself to us, in the 3 Persons of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, all equally coexisting in the Trinity from eternity past: The Triune God. Let us not legalize language, but see this difference.