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Watchman Nee wrote on page 93 of The Finest of the Wheat (CFP),

In His prayer in John 17, the Lord Jesus prays for the oneness of the church on earth: "That they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us: that the world may believe that thou didst send me" (v.21). If we omit the middle parenthetical section of this passage and read the remainder: "That they may all be one, that the world may believe that thou didst send me; we can clearly see that the oneness of the church is to induce the world to believe. Since those who are to believe are people in the world, it is evident that this oneness must be manifested before the world. The Lord expects the world to believe. This oneness, then, is present on earth today. . . .

I would like to stress here that the oneness of the body is the unity of the church. The church’s unity is limited to the body and cannot be extended beyond the body. The word of God never sanctions oneness with nominal Christians. . . .

Let us see now what the church is. The church is composed of all who have the life of Christ, all those to whom Christ has imparted himself. These people are the body of Christ. Consequently, Christian oneness includes all the children of God. It does not embrace any nominal Christian [false Christian] who has not been regenerated and still belongs to the world. Such people do not belong to the church and thus are not included in its oneness . . .

Biblocality for Today

Biblocality is a relatively new word, created in 2004, to identify what the Bible says about Scriptural locality of how to properly organize the Church. Apostles use to fellowship according to locality when the Apostles, in the first and early second century, went to a locality, taught, fellowshipped and chose Elders to take care of the 'whole locality' with its many meeting places. The Elders of the locality would then approve of the Elders of meeting places within the locality.

Today, God wants us to build the Meeting Place Finder on the internet for the body of Christ on the foundation of the Apostles to reclaim what we once had in the Church. Amen!

Biblocality Forums

A discussion forum has been provided to make Biblocality a reality! We need 12 informal apostles to come together in agreement at Biblocality Forums to deliver the Meeting Place Finder to the universal Church. God has revealed by the Holy Spirit the first objective is six men and six women who will start it and oversee these forums after I pass on. Then more will join and more Apostles will rise up in agreement. From Three Apostles to Twelve then 70 to 120, 3000 and 5000.

Who is an Informal Apostle?

Since we are no longer in the first century apostolic age, there are no longer any of the original Apostles. Today, those in the Ministry (Eph. 4.11) of the Work for the Church continue to perform the same function of selecting Elders to take care of whole localities. Apostles work in a region of Churches, e.g. churches in the province of British Columbia or state of Texas. Texas is the "region of churches." Vancouver and Dallas are localities. If the country is small enough like Switzerland, then Switzerland becomes the region of churches. If the state is large enough it becomes the region of churches.

What is a locality?

A locality is a Biblical city or remote locale according to already established governmental boundaries. Today's equivalent are modern-day cities, towns or large enough suburbs. Biblical cities are prototypes for reigning over 10,5,1 cities (Luke 19.11-27) awarded to overcomer believers when they return with Christ (Jude 14,15; Rev. 19.14) to reign during the millennial kingdom (20.4-6). In the millennial kingdom, they will also reign over countries in addition to states and provinces (2.26). For now God wants a city like Fresno with 450 church buildings and dozens of different denominations to come together as the largest working contingency and voice of conscience for that city.

Today, the work of Apostles extends only to regions. There are no board meetings of a denomination, archdiocese of a country, oracle of our day or pope of the planet. Russia, Germany and India would be too large as a region of churches. But Portugal, Taiwan and Iceland would be just right. Population size is a factor. In this dispensation we are in, it is almost impossible for a Christian to get elected to a prominent position such as prime minister or president of a country even as minister of a province or governor of a state, but in the millennial kingdom all that changes. It will be the opposite of what we experience now because Jesus will be in charge reigning with a "rod of iron." The same difficulty today exists against Christians who want to rise to a position of leadership to become CEO's or other high ranking officials of a corporation and global body organization.

Regional Apostle will be our first presidents, prime ministers, senators, governors and ministers in the millennial kingdom. The Elders of localities will be our next mayors. And Elders of meeting places will be our next ombudsmen for a district of a city. The locality is also a miniature of the New City in the New Earth after the millennium. Consider the Church today training ground or a rehearsal for what is rewarded to overcomer believers during the millennium and ultimately after rewards are done away to become the pillars of the New City.

Meeting Places

There may only be one meeting place in a locality or there could be many, but the principle is the same, the Elder of the locality approves the Elders of each meeting place. This is proper authority and submission. Christ who is the head directly commissions Apostles who appoint Elders of a locality; in turn, Elders of a locality approve the Elders of each and every meeting place within their respective biblocality. If we are not willing to submit to one another on this basis, the Church will remain disorganized and disoriented.

Questionnaire For Apostles

The 12 Apostles create and agree on the Questions For Apostles to continue in doing the same work of the Ministry (Eph. 4.11). "The purpose for these questions is to give assurance to the Church the Apostles are in agreement as they appoint Elders to take care of each church locality. The Apostles agree upon the formation of these questions, how they should be worded, how many questions there should be, and what verses are used to support them," Troy Brooks.

God's Plan for the Church

As Jeremiah preached 40 years and nobody listened, so shall we continue to preach the truth herein and let God judge those who do not abide in Scriptural locality. As the Bible says, don't say "I of Cephas" or "I of Apollos" (denominations). Don't even say "I of Christ" (non-denominational or congregationalist).

We truly believe in our heart of hearts this is God's plan for the Church. We recognize though 1 in 3 people on the planet call themselves Christian, likely less than 1 in 100 are actually born-again once-saved-always-saved. For Jesus said, "I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish" (John 10.28). Notice it does not say those who keep the faith or keep themselves saved, but anyone who has ever received eternal life, that is, anyone who was ever born-again is preserved-"preservation" of the saints. Too bad for the majority of Christendom who are non-OSASers.

Christians are OSAS Arminian; that is, we gave our lives to the God who predestinates by foreknowing our free-choice: a conditional election, unlimited atonement, resistible grace, for preservation of the saints. Jesus said, "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not. That is why I said that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am WHO I SAY I AM, you will die in your sins" (John 8.23,24). If you believe in a Jesus who is not Jesus by altering the word of God or misinterpreting it from what it actually says about salvation and Jesus (Rev. 22.18,19) then you worship a false Christ.

A Long Church History

The body of Christ is a "little flock" (Luke 12.32) with a long history. Just because so many Christians are missing this proper way of organizing the Church, and thus unable to effect any positive growth in the Church, is no reason to be swayed by generally accepted operating principles in Christendom that smother the Church, for we do not find in the word of God anything to support denominations and independent congregations. It is better to be Biblically sound resting in the truth and love of God. Unless we stand on this solid ground, a lukewarm believer would have justification to flee these words. "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth" (Rev. 13.15-16). We are in the last church period of differing opinions (vv.14-22).

By the Apostles, for the Church! Your opportunity to participate and contribute is by being an active participant and member of Biblocality Forums, identifying your particular work or gift for the Church, and discussing how to organize the Church. That's where it all starts and begins to build and develop in a community. The best place to start is at the beginning, keeping these things in your heart daily and with one eye on Christ at all times. Praise the Lord!

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