God's Plan for the Church
Apostles for a Region of Churches appoint Elders of a Biblical locality

Welcome to Biblocality forums run by actual Apostles directly commissioned by God to help organize the churches for the body of Christ. What is said here is most difficult for most believers to accept and which we struggled with for some time also. Nonetheless, this is the truth and truly God's calling for the Church today! The leading move of the Holy Spirit today is fulfilling the condition needed for the return of Christ. The only lack is with members of the body of Christ "to take the place in this ministry and apostleship" (Acts 1.25) with conviction, courage, boldness, confidence, insight, authority, and trusting in God's timetable to patiently wait for His instruction without running ahead! There are a few simple, key aspects to Biblical locality:

  • The first 19 questions (in your Edit Profile) are needed to validate if you are an Elder of a meeting place, relative to those in your meeting area, to be approved by an Elder of a locality (city, town or remote locale);
  • 18 additional questions are asked so the Church can know you are an Apostle for a region of churches if God has revealed this to you. Each church locale is a local expression of the Church. A region of churches comprises many church localities. An Apostle appoints Elders to take care of a whole church locality which usually has many meeting places though could have as little as only one;
  • Join the appropriate Permission Groups:
    Each Permission Group is represented by a different colored cross on your Profile page, in forum posts and is viewable by the public;
  • Once you join a Permission Group, if you are an Elder of a locality or a meeting place, provide your locality or meeting for fellowship on the Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ;
  • Choose an Avatar that best represents your position, work or gift according to Eph. 4.11 and 1 Cor. 2.8-10;

Have you "tried them which say they are apostles" (Rev. 2.2)? Do NOT try to seek the power of "Nicolaitans" (v.6 - those who conquer the people). In our returning to the "first love" (v.4) what is God looking for? The proper organizing of the Church. Apostles use to appoint Elders to take care of a biblical locality. In the first century, the Apostles agreed the only way to divide the churches was according to the boundary of a locality. Each church is an independent unit. The reward is is given to overcomer believers who sought after this and who were watchful, prayerful, kept the conduct of Matt. 5-7 and the word of His patience. They get to return to reign with Christ in the millennial kingdom.

A church locality is also a miniature of the new city on the new earth. Just like the 7 feasts in the Old Testament are a rehearsal for what the Lord will do at His first and second coming, so shall it be for the millennial reign of Christ by the way the churches are organized. The Church is a rehearsal for the time of recompense. The 1000 years is then a training ground for the New City and New Earth. The Temple will be replaced by God and the Lamb at the center of the New City, and only the sheep nations (Matt. 25.31-46) during the millennium will be transferred livingly to live outside the New City. They shall continue to procreate and enter in by the twelve gates to receive renewal of their bodies from the tree of life. There is no sin but the human body is inherently weak so it needs renewal. Do you understand this and have the faith to believe it in Revelation 21? What can you do to contribute? If you want this to happen you want God's will and He is pleased with you.

To understand these three categories of workers and their respective functions, think and pray on the importance of Accepting Authority of the Apostles. God the Father has revealed through the Word by the Holy Spirit that before the Son of Man returns in Person (Zech. 14.4; Acts 1.9-11; Matt. 24.27,30; Rev. 1.7,14.14,19.11), the Ministry of regional Apostles (2 Cor. 10.13) in appointing Elders to take care of a biblical locality (Acts. 14.23, Titus 1.5) will become a global phenomena. Until the pinnacle of the Church is reached, Jesus will continue to tarry as with the 5 wise virgins and 5 unwise virgins (Matt. 25.1-13). We only know that when He returns it has been fulfilled and accomplished. When Christ returns in Person with His overcomers (Jude 14,15), His 5 wise virgins and those who properly used their gifts and talents, they will reign (Rev. 20.4,6) with a "rod of iron" (2.27, 12.5, 19.15) over the nations and localities (Luke 19.17,19) for the literal 1000 years as mentioned six times in Rev. 20.2-7, the last 1000 years on earth before the New city and New Earth commence (ch. 21). Actually it is Heaven and Earth come together on the New Earth. "He that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations" (2.26). For some shall have 10 cities, some 5 cities, and others just one city (Luke 19.11-27), but each according to His walk in the Lord, humility an faithfulness in being led by the Holy Spirit.

Overcomers shall also be the ministers of states and provinces even presidents and prime ministers of countries. The title name is is not as important as having true authority in God's kingdom and a clear conscience. A new order of leadership in the millennial kingdom takes place from the Head to the body. There never has been a legitimate pope. Jesus is our High Priest who enters the Holy of Holies, that is our spirit, by the Holy Spirit. He will reign with a rod of iron from the Temple in Jerusalem on earth once He throws the Antichrist and the False Prophet into Hell for all eternity. They are the first two to go. Then "the rest of the dead [unsalvageable] lived not again until the thousand years were finished" (Rev. 20.5). That includes, the fallen angels, the demons, the unsaved in mankind, and Satan. Satan who is thrown into the pit for the 1000 years is released at the end of the millennial reign to show three things: 1) he will never repent, 2) men still had some hidden sin, 3) God's righteous verdict and good pleasure for those who love Him. Satan is the last of the lot to be thrown into Hell for all eternity.

The leading move of the Holy Spirit on the planet today is right here with the call to initially gather twelve Apostles, p[ossibly an equal number of men and women who are in complete agreement then more shall follow. To what degree this is achieived before Christ returns I do not know. With one accord we will begin to recapture the "first love" (Rev. 2.4) that was lost during the first church period (vv. 1-7) to "do the first works" (v.5) of the Ministry (Eph. 4.11) as reconstituted here and formally called Biblocality. With meekness and lowliness (Matt. 5.5,11.29,21.5), a little flock (Luke 12.32) and quiet spirit (1 Pet. 3.4). Our aim is the pearl of great price - the beauty of the church (Matt. 13.46). When Biblical locality reaches its apex and the Tribulation is finished, His overcomers (Rev. 2.7,10,17,26;3.5,12,21) will return and reign over all forms of government. First there was the three, then the twelve, followed by the seventy, 120, 3000 and 5000. As it was at Pentecost, so shall it be when just before Christ returns. The kingdom of heaven is s till here. But there are great forces that try to stand in our way...

"And I have faced danger from men [false brothers] who claim to be Christians but are not" (2 Cor. 11.26).

For more verses on how the Church should be organized:

Love, in Christ,
Twelve Apostles