"And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled" (Lev. 12.4)

Jesus died on the cross in the year 33 AD. "He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the LORD’s favor has come [to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD], and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies" (Is. 61.2). "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God" (Is. 40.1).

"One will be for the burnt offering and the other for the purification offering" (Lev. 12.8). "If you cannot afford to bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons, you may bring two quarts of choice flour for your sin offering. Since it is an offering for sin, you must not moisten it with olive oil or put any frankincense on it" (Lev. 5.11).

Burnt offer represents co-death with Christ. And purification is forgiveness of sins.

"After waiting sixty-six days, she will be purified from the bleeding of childbirth" (Lev. 12.5).

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