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Thread: How to overcome religious confusion?

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    Smile How to overcome religious confusion?


    I've come here to lead a nice conversation regarding the existence of God. I am looking to be proven wrong and have my faith restored. Okay, here we go:

    From what I understand this figure we've named God/Allah, etc (all in all same figure, different names), is an all-mighty, all-knowing figure that has absolutely unlimited power, huh, alright I understand that, and I'll accept that bit, only issue is...
    Regarding the all knowing bit, if he truly does know everything, then that makes a lot of holes to be covered. Lets start from the beginning:
    God created angels, including Satan, only issue is if God knew Satan's intentions why create him in the first place and put his followers and him in Satan's path? That brings us down even deeper. Regarding Adam and Eve, he knew Satan's intentions, he knew that they both (Adam & Eve) would eat that apple. Furthermore that makes all of our lives OBSOLETE regarding us going to heaven or hell, due to him KNOWING the outcome of our actions, and in the end whether we'll go to heaven or not. Why put your followers through pain and suffering if you know the outcome of their lives and whether they will stick with their beliefs or just cease to in order to save their lives. To take other things into account, lets say, ISIS, they have killed thousands on end yet for what reason? Why would God allow them to taint his name? Why would he allow these things to happen if he knew they would happen. Honestly if I was him I would lose sanity from knowing everything, because sometimes, ignorance is required. If you manage to prove me wrong I will be thankful.

    When people pray, why do they look up into the sky if God is all around us?

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    First off for me it is all quite simple so when I discuss with you it is never from the position of arguing but authority as a child of God who is born-again, has eternal life and God's eternal blessing, and knowing that I was chosen before the foundations of the world; even knowing that you are going to Hell.

    You're overlooking one vital element. God's glory is manifested in creating angels even though He knew they would rebel. So there is something greater at stake. Free will is extremely important to God. God wants to commune with free willed beings for anything less does not meet God's glory. It can be said God will not prevent the creation of those who would be saved on account of the many who would go to Hell.

    Humans are not made obsolete who rebel against God, but they are sent to Hell the place of eternal separation from God, again, a product of their own free will. God looks forward to eternal fellowship with those who accept the atonement when Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of the world by the shedding of His precious blood for forgiveness of sins. There is no other way to be reconciled with God.

    If you don't want to accept God's provision for being born into sin, God has no other means by which to save you so you must exist for eternity in Hell. And that's sad that that is the way you want o be.

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