Belief in God comes from where? From the evidence.

1) It's impossible for a past infinite universe to get to this point now because it would still need to cross infinity always and forever.

The way we know the universe had a beginning is if it had no beginning this present moment would never exist. Since the present is here right now, we know the universe did not always exist. The universe, thus, had a finite past.

2) 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. The idea is about running out of useful energy. Eventually the universe runs out of heat and all the lights will be shut off. This hasn't happened yet because it is still using up its useful energy. We know, therefore, it hasn't been using up its useful energy forever, otherwise there would be no useful energy.

3) Big bang occurred where time, space and energy began to exist.

Only nothing can pop into existence out of nothing. A bang needs a banger. The banger needs to be personal, spaceless, timeless, immaterial. That's as close to God as we can get.

4) Biological information. Human beings are filled with libraries of information. There is more information in your DNA than in all the libraries of any state. If SETI, the search for extraterrestrial life, is looking for not randomness or order, but information to determine if life exists out there (e.g. reporting the first 20 prime numbers or a phrase like John loves Jill), then does it not stand to reason if we can find information in the universe anywhere that, therefore, God exists!

5) An absolute moral law is best explained by an absolute moral law giver. An objective morale is defined as being true no matter who believes it or not. If a person is a relativist then they need to accept it is alright for someone to rape and murder them, and that they should have no contention with that particular moral law since it is relativistic. Find out what a person really loves and challenge his relativist beliefs. He will quickly become an absolutist.

A person is a relativist only in areas of their sexual morality that is convenient to their life. The relativist has to prove torturing little babies is wrong for this is self-evidently wrong. It's obvious. The relativist has to prove relativism is true. Where do legislated laws come from? Legislators. There is a law above the law of countries. So while Nazis have a law to murder Jews, the Nazi law is false for it does not coincide with the law above. These laws come from persons, but the law above comes from God.