Herein do we see resurrection life. Without the supernatural life of God there can be no resurrection after death. The Lord Jesus could go through death and yet be raised because resident in Him is God’s uncreated life. This life cannot be destroyed: it instead will always emerge into the fullness and glory of resurrection. Jesus poured out His soul to death and committed His spirit (in which was God’s life) back into the hands of God. His death set Him free from soul life and released God’s spiritual life unto greater splendor.

It is difficult indeed to understand why God, upon transmitting His life to us, then requires us to experience co-death with Christ so that His life may be resurrected in us. This is nonetheless God’s law of life. And once possessing God’s life, we then are empowered to periodically go through death and continue to come out alive. By continuously losing our soul life in death, we may continuously gain more abundantly and gloriously of God’s life in resurrection.

God’s aim is to take our soul life through death in company with His Own life in us; whenever His life in us is resurrected in our daily experience our soul also is raised with Him and produces fruit to eternity. This is one of the most profound lessons in spiritual life. The Holy Spirit alone can unfold to us the necessity of death as well as that of resurrection. May the Spirit of revelation make us understand how much our spiritual experience shall suffer if we do not hate our natural life and deliver it to death. Only when our soul accompanied by God’s indwelling life passes through death and resurrection can we bear spiritual fruit and keep it for life eternal.

Terms Defined
God's Own Life = Holy Spirit
Uncreated Life = Eternal Life
Supernatural Life of God = Eternal Life
God's Life = Sometimes referring to Eternal Life, other times referring to the Holy Spirit
His Life = Sometimes referring to Eternal Life, other times to the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Life = Eternal Life
God's Indwelling Life = Holy Spirit
Life Eternal = Eternal Life
Spirit of Revelation = Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has eternal life, but the Holy Spirit is not eternal life. I have eternal life or given eternal life, but I am not the Holy Spirit.