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Thread: Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Strome, Jesse Puljujarvi and Tyler Benson

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    I guess the saying is true, you can't teach old dogs (McLellan, Chiarelli) new tricks.

    They didn't get rid of these players when they had the chance years ago and were warned extensively their +/- was terrible: Letestu -11, Klefbom -9, Caggiula -8, Benning -3.

    Sheer incompetency!

    The solution is simple.



    Trade for someone who can take Sekera's spot now. When Sekera is back the new defenseman can replace Gryba.

    I am sure with Cammalleri's old age and -50 career, he will be a dud.

    The dumb mistakes Talbot has been making has been killing the Oilers, putting the Oilers down 1 goal at the outset. Oilers are playing from behind because of Talbot.

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    vs. Blues

    Maroon - McD - Caggiula(-8)
    Lucic - RNH - Drais
    Cammalleri - Strome - Pulju
    Khaira - Letestu(-10) - Kassian

    Nurse - Larsson
    Klef(-10) - Benning(-4)
    Russell - Gryba

    They need to get rid of Letestu, Klefbom, Caggiula and Benning. Pretty simple.

    Blues 1st goal was because weakling Klefbom (-11) fell down and gave up the puck.
    Blues 2nd goal was because Talbot let in an easy one. It seems every game he lets in at least one easy one.
    Blues 3rd goal was because Klefbom (-12) didn't take his man.
    Blues 6th goal was because Klefbom skated back not taking his man. Klefbom is nightmare.

    I think what happens too is that when a team is short changed by the owner they don't play as well and don't care.

    Cammalleri is adding to his career -53 by -2 on the night.
    Klefbom was -4 on the night for -14.

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    The Oilers will continue to suck as long as Klefbom (-14), Letestu (-11), Caggiula (-10), Benning (-5), and Cammalleri (-3 in 3 games) are on the team.

    I am 100% certain Oilers won't make the playoffs. Whose fault is it? McLellan and Chiarelli. They should both be fired. This was seen long in advance because of these players.

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