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Thread: Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Strome, Jesse Puljujarvi and Tyler Benson

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    Default Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Strome, Jesse Puljujarvi and Tyler Benson

    Ryan Strome was one of the worse player on the Islanders for +/- the past two seasons. At least he is 15 lbs. heavier than Eberle, and overall his +/- is nowhere near as bad as RNH or Eberle.

    2016/17 was a terrific season, yet RNH was the worst on team at -10 (-9 in 2015/16), Pouliot was -5 (-6 in 2015/16), and Letestu -2 (Letestu was the worst on the team in 2015/16 at -21, and he is 32 years old). I beg the Oilers to get rid of these 3 players. This is essential. If they are still on the team they will be an endless source of frustration. RNH and Pouliot have no fight in them. They are bad for morale.

    It should be quite clear Oilers can't get past the second round of the playoffs if RNH and Pouliot are still on the team.



    Sekera won't be ready until 2018, so Oilers need another defenseman.

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    Just checking out the Oilers lines to see what's new.

    Maroon-McD-Draisaitl (this line should never change)
    Lucic-RNH-Pulju (Puljujärvi takes Eberle's spot and will outperform Eberle)
    Cagg-Strome-Jokinen (definite improvement over Pouliot and Desharnais)


    Jussi Jokinen is 34 years old. What is Keith Gretzky thinking? Desharnais is too small. Pouliot was hopeless. Gryba was not the answer last year. We need one powerhouse, hard slap shot defenseman to replace Gryba.

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    Nearing pre-season, I noticed Chiarelli changed the Oilers lines as follows:

    Maroon - McD - Strome
    Lucic - Draisaitl - Caggiula
    Jokinen - RNH - Pulju
    Khaira - Letestu - Kassian

    Why is Khaira in and Slepy out? Slepy didn't produce much. Hopefully Khaira will shine this time.
    Draisaitl and McD on one line is too much punch probably. Besides that $21 million for just two players on one line.
    I am almost 100% sure RNH is going to disappoint so they desperately need to trade him, and pick up another centerman along the way.
    On the other hand, since he sucks as the 2nd line centerman, he belongs on the 3rd line. When his contract expires, renew him for $1 million/year.
    So I agree with what Chiarelli is doing. Makes sense to me.

    Klef - Larsson
    Russell - Benning
    Nurse - Gryba

    Gryba will underperform like last season just in time for Sekera.

    Comparing last season:

    Strome can't do worse than Eberle to the right of McDavid. Giving Strome the chance to do what Eberle couldn't do will be interesting.
    Lucic and Draisaitl are big players so Caggiula to the right balances the 2nd line out.
    On the 3rd line, Jokinen can't do worse than Pouliot, Pulju will definitely do a lot better this year (reminds me of Draisaitl's development), and RNH should outperform David Desharnais.
    Khaira should come into his own, so all and all, we have 4 lines better than last year.

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