At 21:45 R.C. Sproul said God is a spectator of redemption (if OSAS Arminian is true). No! Why can't God be involved? This is called prevenient grace.

21:50 Sproul said God is hoping someone will receive Him.No! God is employing His entire providential care, saving the most and damning the last (Molinism) and already knows who will respond.

God knows Sproul will never give his life to Christ.

Do you see what Sproul is doing? He is misrepresenting OSAS Arminians. OSAS Arminians don't misrepresent him so what's the problem? Why be dishonest?

"Not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance." (2 Pet. 3.9) This verse doesn't make sense in Calvinism because it says "should reach repentance" not "will reach repentance." Yes, they should, but many won't. God draws all, but many "draw back unto perdition." (Heb. 10.39)