The Injustice of the Atheist Board Members of Alberta Racquetball and Racquetball Canada
Article by the Huffington Post, May 15, 2017 -- Interviewed Kane Waselenchuk

Kane Waselenchuk has issues, not entirely unjustified, with Racquetball Canada and Alberta Racquetball. Who was in control of these organizations when Kane was banned? Their thinking and foresight was severely lacking. What is most sad I think is those who imposed their will on Kane or had a part in banning him for 2 years have not reached out to Kane after all these years Kane points out in this article. Eastern Canada is always trying to steal victories from western Canada. Who won the Canadian Nationals for the 2 years Kane was banned and subsequent years that Kane wanted nothing to do with? Kane said he has never taken cocaine in his life, not then, not ever, so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Can marijuana be spiked? Do similar markers show up in marijuana and cocaine?

Consider the Bad Decisions by Alberta Racquetball in 2009 and Racquetball Canada in 2016

In 2009 several players suggested to me that I start a new tournament because there was only 1 or 2 tournaments in Alberta that year. I called it the "Alberta Racquetball Top 16 Invitational." I had to go through Barbara May for approval. We sat together and after the meeting she told me she would recommend the tournament to the board of Alberta Racquetball. Next thing I know she is emailing several people telling them not only was I incompetent to run the tournament, but she lied saying she told me not to use the r2sports program until she said so. She lied unconscionably! And she is two-faced! Her lie is born out in several ways which I won't burden you with here (21 point proof).

So she lied to protect her hide at my expense to cover up her own negligence. She was afraid she might lose her job due to her negligence. I became fodder. Remember, she was a paid employee of the Alberta government to do administrative work for Alberta Racquetball (paid $70,000/year). In 2016 she was fired! Her and I were discussing how to use the r2sports program for the week leading up to our meeting in the summer of 2009. John Halko told me to get the login to set it up from Usher Barnoff, president of Racquetball Canada, which I did. I added a banner to the site. Marc Caouette registered his son. She discussed the program with me several times. She told me she didn't know how to use it though. That's only a few points of proof.

When I responded to those same persons she emailed and told them Barbara May was lying, shortly thereafter someone told me Alberta Racquetball was convening to decide whether to ban me. Bizarre indeed! Since I knew this was coming down and I had control of the r2sports program, I emailed everyone in Canada in the database for racquetball how evil this is what Barbara May and John Halko were doing. They are control freaks and John is a jealous racquetball player. They had no intention of letting me run this tournament. It's just more work for them. I was never let in their little rouse so I have no idea what conspiring took place.

Consequently, they banned me in the summer of 2009. In addition, John Halko and Barbara May have been trying to get me banned for years from Racquetball Canada as well. From 2012 to 2015 I played about 30 sanctioned tournaments across Canada and reached 9th in Canada. The highest ranking Halko ever got to was about 80th. During that time Barb and John sent in about a dozen complaint letters to Racquetball Canada because I have been exposing their evil actions on the internet. Have I not the right to defend myself? Should we be silent when injustice is taking place? The worse thing you can do is be silent when something wrong is happening. I would not need to expose them if they were not being cruel and unjust. I posted all correspondence on the internet including these nonsensical letters with my interpretation. I'm as transparent as can be.

They finally succeeded in 2016 when Terry Nelson and Jack McBride of Racquetball Canada finally did me in. This is just pure evil. I would never do this to someone. Barb and John, partners in crime, gang banged me with 3 complaint letters all in one week in 2016; then I was banned from sanctioned tournaments outside Alberta as well. I recall in 2012 Jack McBride out of nowhere said to me, "You know I am a Christian too." To which I responded, "So do you believe Jesus is God?" He said emphatically, "No!" I replied, "Then you are not a Christian." You could see the steam coming out of his ears. "In the beginning was the Word [Jesus], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1.1)

What some people may not realize is that I have given the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ to most of the members on the board of Alberta Racquetball prior to Barb's deviousness towards me...including Barbara May, John Halko and Jerry Slamko. They have been quite hostile to me for doing so. Why is it that a person can speak their mind for atheism but I am not allowed to give the truth of their mistaken assumptions? It's a doublestandard. Ultimately, I was banned by their religious discrimination. For example, Barry Ould came up to me in 2012 and said very angrily, "You're not allowed to talk about Christianity at racquetball." In 2017 at the Alberta Closed he was just as belligerent as ever. Someone that old is stuck in his ways.

A Testimony for the Lord Jesus and His Miracles

In 2001, I played Kane Waselenchuk in the finals of the Klondike in Edmonton in July. He beat me 11-8 in the tiebreaker. I was 34 years old at the time. I am still the last Canadian to take Kane to the tiebreaker and I did it in 2000 Klondike as well. 2001 was the year Kane won his 3rd Nationals title and his first IRT pro stop beating Sudsy Monchik in Chicago. It was also 6 months after I was born-again. I was born-again January, 2001. When I came off the court I gave my thanks to the Lord Jesus. I remember Cam Bourque's wife, Belinda Bourque, came up to me after the match and said, oddly, you are not to give thanks to Jesus Christ but keep silent about it. Christians are evangelists, not silent Christians. There is no such thing as a silent Christian. We share out testimony for the Lord.

Prior to being saved, I remember when I was playing racquetball with Darryl Thomas, a Christian, and he said to me if he beats me in a match then I have to go to church with him. I agreed. There was no way he was going to lose because he has never even come close before. He won 11-10, 11-10, 11-10. For me this is too coincidental. I know that was a miracle. It reminds me of the Trinity. I did not give my life to Christ at that moment. But several other things occurred which finally led me to the realization "all things sum up in Christ." By the way these additional happenings were no less miraculous.

Belinda is not a Christian but Roman Catholic which would explain her views. The Roman Catholic Church is the "great harlot that makes drunk the nations with the wine of the wrath of her fornications" (Rev. 14.8) who rides the 7 headed beast with its 10 horns in Revelation 17. Her husband, Cam Bourque is another who is quite hostile to Jesus as we have shared a few sessions at the bar discussing faith. Cam cheated on his wife, and I know the woman he cheated with quite well. Cam emailed dozens of people saying I was a fanatic for my faith. I responded to those same persons saying, Who is the fanatic? Someone who accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior for forgiveness and eternal life--made a new creation of God--, or someone who cheats on his wife? Cam had a hand in banning me from Alberta Racquetball even though he was not on the board.