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Thread: Human Eyes Come from Plants

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    Default Human Eyes Come from Plants

    This is pretty cool. Scientists now believe our eyes came from plants. See the 3 part tv series Leaps in Evolution.

    So I thought to myself this agrees with first "let the earth bring forth grass" (Gen. 1.11) and other plants (v.12) then Genesis talks about creature with eyes.

    Plants came first and the protein for photosynthesis "eyes" is the same looking protein in human eyes. It's identical.

    A creature that had no eye accidently was inserted with the DNA for eyes of algae into its nucleus when it was feeding.

    They have found such creatures today that have eyes of algae and feed on just light only.

    How did creatures gain eyes to see more than just shadows and light? The creatures that only see shadows and light only have one DNA strand. Whereas creatures that see clearly like humans have sections in the DNA for eyesight in 4 DNA strands. The extra DNA strands came about from mutations in reproduction. The crisscross pattern of 3 different proteins that pick up different colors produced by specific sections in the DNA strand allow for the crisscross of different of colors (3 extra strands produce blue, green and yellow) that blend into the full color spectrum.

    Evolution really is not that mysterious. What is mysterious was how God 4004 BC breathed in the breath of life directly creating man's spirit and when that spirit made contact with the body of pre-Adamic man, he became a living soul with a spirit and a body (tripartite). How God managed to do this is a great mystery.

    Only man has a spirit of God-consciousness. Other creatures don't have a spirit of God-consciousness. In fact, you can say animals have a mind, will and emotion of their soul, and they have intuition and a conscience of their spirit, but they don't have the ability to commune in their spirit with God, for they don't have a spirit of God-consciousness.

    When pre-Adamic man died he would cease to exist. But man in His image will never cease to exist. The first man made in His image was 4004 BC according to the Bible.

    We all get resurrected either for Heaven or for Hell. Annihilation is not an option.

    Adam rebelled and rejecting God's salvation so he is going to Hell , but don't think Hell is some horrific torturous place. Just realize it is the perfect place for those who reject God's love. Eating from the the Tree of Life in Garden is receiving Christ and thus, eternal life.

    When people go to prison for life it is not torture as you might think of in the movies, but it certainly is unpleasant and an appropriate place for them.

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    Now, that's just weird.

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