I can't be any more simple than this to describe the 7 church periods in Rev. 2 & 3.

1st century - don't lose your first love (Biblocality)
2nd century - endure martyrdom
3rd century - don't marry church and state
4th century - don't be like the Roman Catholic Church
16th-19th century - weak revivals filling up a glass with less water each time
19th century - brotherly love true overcomers (brethren movement, only wanted to be called Christians)
20th-21st century - neither hot or cold, just lukewarm

The first 3 church periods are consecutive, they came and past (their teaching is still true though).

The last 4 church periods stay with us (RCC, Reformed/Calvinist, Brethren, and Emergent/Pentecostal).

The RCC, Reformed/Calvinist and Pentecostal/Emergent are corruptions of the Church. Most people in these 3 groups are not born-again. They are going to Hell.

The correct Church has these 5 characteristics: 1) OSAS Arminian; 2) Biblocality; 3) Partial Rapture; 4) Gap Restoration; and 5) Dividing of Spirit, Soul and Body.