Since James White says he was Totally depraved he is claiming he could not have accepted the gospel of salvation. But now he is not Totally depraved because his god caused him to be not Totally depraved so he that he is irresistibly made to repent and believe to be saved. In other words, he was irresistibly regenerated. This to me is a selfish salvation, because by assuming he could not freely repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated by the grace of God, he, in fact, does not repent and believe truly so as to never be regenerated so he is going to Hell. The excuse used to not repent and believe is irrelevant since it is an excuse.

The mistake Calvinists make is to claim because nobody can keep the law perfectly that therefore nobody can accept the cross unless irresistibly made to. Mistaken assumptions are deadly!!! But the reason why they make this mistake in the first place is because they prefer the pride on a pedestal declaring themselves irresistibly selected (this gets them off) rather than genuinely coming to the cross to receive regeneration. Calvinists are going to Hell. This is 100% fact!