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Thread: Reputation, Infractions, Reporting

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    Lightbulb Reputation, Infractions, Reporting

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    Reputation Blessings

    A member can click on on his own post to see his own reputation points, and on another person's post, to give reputation or take reputation away in the amount of their Rep Power (reputation altering power).

    Understanding How It Works

    1) What is a point of "reputation-altering power"? And how does it differ from "reputation"?

    - Whenever someone rates a post either x reputation points is subtracted or added to the reputation total. That x is called reputation altering power. So when a 2 year old member rates someone it has more influence then a new user rating the same post.

    - Say you start off with 1 point of altering power.
    When you alter the reputation of someone else, you will give +1 or -1.

    - Say you won an another altering point.
    When you alter the reputation of someone else, you will give +2 or -2.

    - Say you are an admin.
    When you alter the reputation of someone else, you will give +10 or -10. (The admin starts at 10 altering power, before he can get to his 11th altering power, he must earn it all the way from 0 like everyone else).

    - Everyone has a reputation = total of reputation : it is your points of reputation, and it starts at 10 (this is not reputation power).

    - Everyone has a reputation power = altering power (reputation altering power is not the total points of reputation): it is how much you can affect others' reputation (adding or subtracting). It starts at 0 and can grow several ways, e.g. with registration date.

    Increasing altering power:
    - For every X number of days, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. X=365 (Register Date Factor)
    - For every X number of posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. X=1000 (Post Count Factor)
    - For every X points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. X=100 (Reputation Point Factor)

    Limits to giving or taking away reputation:
    - How many posts must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? Minimum Post Count=50
    - How much reputation must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? Minimum Reputation Count=10
    - What reputation level shall new users receive upon registration? Default Reputation=10. Make sure that you have a reputation level that is at least equal to or less than this value, otherwise you will not be able to use your reputation altering power.
    - How many reputation clicks can a user give over each 24 hour period? Daily Reputation Clicks Limit=10. Administrators are exempt from this limit.
    - How many different users must you give reputation to before you can hit the same person again? Reputation User Spread=20. Administrators are exempt from this limit.
    - Any maleficence after accumulating reputation, the levels are reset to the default back to 10. Salvation can not be lost, rewards can be lost.

    Disapproval (negative comments):
    - When giving negative approval, reputation altering power only counts for half, except for the admin who has full effect (old method). Now admin only counts for half as well.

    2) Where can I view my reputation total points and my reputation altering-power?

    - If you have for the first time received or lost reputation when someone clicked on the to judge your post, you will see your total reputation points on the first page of your Settings (User Control Panel) in the Latest Reputation Received box.

    - In threads, you can see your Reputation level as (hover over to see your Scriptural standing-see attached thumbnail picture below) and reputation altering power (Rep Power). Your exact points can be found by clicking on in one of your posts.

    - It will take some time before reputations build up. Initially, since everyone is starting off at a reputation altering power of zero, they can't influence the reputation of others. They can make comments. The quickest way to receive reputation altering power is to start a meeting place for the body of Christ.

    3) Additional Points

    - The comments you make will only be visible to the poster in their Settings (User Control Panel).

    - Every time you agree or disagree with a post, your comment will appear in their user control panel. Each comment will either have a green icon (to show reputation was given), a red icon (to show reputation was taken away) or a grey icon (where the user has no reputation power so is not a full member).

    - A full member is one who has at least X number of posts and Y amount of reputation. X=50, Y=10. As soon as these variables are reached, the member receives their first reputation altering power.

    - Everyone starts with 10 points (and zero altering reputation power) and one green icon associated with their profile. As they gain (or lose) points, their total increases or decreases and the number of green icons next to their profile changes. The more green icons there are, the more the user is respected by the authority and submission system of the forums.

    - You can read the latest 5 comments received in your Settings, but you can't read the latest 5 comments you gave out.

    - Each graphic block is called a "pip". You gain one new pip every 100 reputation points.

    - Your current reputation level (see Attached Thumbnail below) = total reputation points received less those deducted.

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    Post Infraction System & Reporting

    Report posts with the at the bottom left of a post which gets submitted to the Infractions & Reporting forum, only visible to Moderators and Apostles. Super Moderators and Moderators of that forum, get an email of the report.

    Clicking on the button at the bottom left of a post allows Moderators (all Moderators should be Apostles) to give an Infraction to members. Moderators can also given an Infraction on a person's Profile page (not post specific). A thread is created in the Infractions & Reporting forum with an explanation for the Infraction. Both the user and the Moderator's name are given in the thread created. A private Administrative Note that members do not see can be given. The post is quoted and a link to the post itself is provided. And a Private Message is sent to the User explaining the Infraction.

    Moderators can receive Infractions from Super Moderators.

    Infractions - Temporarily Banned

    If the user reaches 3 points of Infractions, then he is banned until enough Infractions wear off to return to the status of Regular Member. A Temporarily Banned member cannot use private messages other than to receive the Infraction notice.

    Banned for a Month

    Reaching 5 points a user is automatically banned for a month at which point the Moderators can decide to remove the user if warranted especially if there are repeated occurrences.

    The Various Infractions

    The user will receive extended expiration times if given a second infraction that matches an existing active infraction. For example, a user is given an infraction for spamming posts that expires in 10 days. Three days later this user is given another spamming posts infraction. Since the user already had an active spamming posts infraction, this new infraction's expiration time is added to the time remaining from the previous infraction, so 10-3+10=17 days remaining for the second infraction. In this example, a third spamming posts infraction given the same day as the 2nd infraction above would put on 27 days for the 3rd infraction (17+10) in addition to invoking a temporary ban that would last for 7 days until the 1st infraction wore off. Fun eh? This is my favorite infraction because it lasts longer when a person repeats the same mistake with the same belligerent and obstinate attitude.

    Each Infraction is worth 1 point and lasts for 10 days. There are several rule violations.

    Members can see their total Infraction points in their Settings and in My Profile and dates when they expire.

    Regular members cannot see other member's Infractions. Only Moderators can see the Infractions on the user's Profile page and in posts: "Infractions: a/b (c)". a = warnings; b = number of infractions remaining; c = total remaining infractions points.

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