My God of the Bible allows me to ask the question whether the Calvinist is born-again or not, thus, whether he is saved or not.

The reason the Holy Spirit told me the Calvinist is not saved is because the Calvinist erects an idol called Total depravity which prevents the Calvinist from coming to the cross as a helpless sinner to be regenerated, so that is how I know with certainty Calvinists are not saved, thus, they are going to Hell.

I take no pleasure in telling you this fact, but nonetheless the truth must be told to help lead Calvinists to Christ, to repent and come out of their cult to receive the true Jesus who died not only for your and our sins but the sins of the whole world. Now that is a powerful God of love that He desire none to perish, but all to receive everlasting life whosoever is willing.

The Calvinist asks the question why do some accept Him and others do not? For this question they come up with the answer that the reason is because their God irresistibly makes them do so, but that is just a human theory, not actually how God operates. For Scriptures tell us...

"God is the Savior of all men, specially those who believe" (1 TIm. 4.10). "Specially those who believe" is a subset of "Savior of all men" so that "Savior all men" includes those who believe as well those whom are not saved and do not accept Christ. Therefore, the Savior of all men is referring to the fact that God provides sufficient grace to all but only saves out of those all the ones that believe. It wouldn't make much sense to say God is the Savior of all men to mean that He gives them a roof over their head, some food to eat and good friendships, but is unwilling to save to the uttermost even from Hell whosoever is willing. What love would that be? Who needs enemies with friends like that? I wouldn't treat you that way, nor would my God.

Pray for Calvinists as I do to help lead them to Christ. Praise the Lord!