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Thread: Question on Adam's first nature

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    Smile Question on Adam's first nature

    Hi, I've been reading through threads and getting an understanding of man and his purpose in God's creation and plan of salvation, however I'm still struggling on some issues and can't put my finger on them.

    They have to do with Adams first nature. If Adam was created perfect and spiritually alive, did this mean the Christ's Spirit lived within him? Im confused because if he was created and Christ did not live in him, how was he pleasing to God or able to obey God devoid of the Holy Spirit. I think one thread said he was neither a sinner because he was perfect, neither soulical but he was not spiritual....if Adam was not made spiritual how did he commune with God of please God?

    A follow up to the that if Christ did not reside in Adam, why would God create Adam, wouldn't Adam not be able to love God, commune with Him in Spirit or have the Power of the Holy Spirit. I just don't see why God would create Adam if he did not have Gods spiritual nature inside him for there is nothing good outside of Christ and His Spirit. Even if Adam had never sinned, lived devoid of Christ is just that devoid of life and meaning for God Spirit is life. It seems like a waste to create Adam devoid of Christ living inside Him.

    Thanks, could you explain where I'm wrong or what God's purposes were in this? I'm a bit confused ( I read through the Mystery of Creation as well as Nee's other works but its still hazy). Finally, Im stuck at why God would create Adam to live in a perfect Eden when the Satan had already fallen and was present. Also if Adam was made of dust, and was weak in his flesh, why was he made? It seems the fall was a blessing to Him because he could then receive Christ Righteousness and Power to live in and through him, being reborn of God, not just made by God. Idk I just see that man being devoid of Christ was useless and lifeless compared to what He would be offered through redemption. But if sin truly wasn't God's intention, why create Adam that initially wasn't spiritual in nature, what please would that bring God who deeply longs after the affection of man's heart?

    Thanks guys.

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    In the OT man did not have the Holy Spirit indwelling in him. This indwelling Spirit came at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit only worked upon men in the OT. The veil was not yet rent. Yet men were saved in the OT time period by receiving a new spirit. But Adam and Eve had not yet eaten of the tree of life typifying the life of Christ, that is, eternal life. In the innocence of Adam and Eve they had perfect communion with God, but they did not have eternal life. What is spiritual? To have a new spirit. But to receive the new spirit Adam had to accept the tree of life. So Adam and Eve were neither soulical nor spiritual, but the decision awaited them. In their innocence they had perfect communion with God. This was a one time condition back then only.

    God enjoys our decision since God is relational as in His 3 Persons. Hence, we see the first decision afforded Adam and Eve, the first two souls made in God's image with free will. Adam could love with the love God gave him. But you can see the emphasis is the choice. The Bible says there is good outside, for even sinners do good things sometimes. There is no waste in creating Adam, for there we see the biggest choice ever made, now all men are born into sin. Humanity's head is Adam. God's head is Christ the 2nd Adam.

    I don't think you read very well because all Nee's works are very easy to understand as even I understood them. Your flesh probably just glanced over if that at all. Just realize you are too selfish and self engrossed to read as God would have you read as intended. This is appreciating the fact you are sinner who makes multiple mistakes probably ever minute of your life.

    God created a perfect Eden that was safe for man, for outside of Eden there are earthquakes, trouble areas, Satan, influences of the fallen angels and demons, and animals killing animals. The Garden was the one place on earth truly safe for Adam and Eve. Man rebelled and lived in all the danger spots on earth in his arrogance.

    Adam was created from dust over 13.7 billion years (Gen. 2.7). The flesh is inherently weak but sustainable by God so that Adam and Eve would have been translated, raptured alive (I don't mean fleshly in the sense of the old man). As all molecules in the universe dissipate so will the inherently weak body, but the inherently weak body of those who live outside the New City and New Earth will be sustained by the tree of life each month eating its fruit, entering through the 12 gates of the New City to do so. Such men and women will even procreate on the New Earth though not be the inhabitants of the New City as the resurrected ones shall be the pillars thereof.

    Adam and Even could have received eternal life by eating of the tree of life, and since they refused to give God a proper offering, they will go to Hell. The fall was no blessing, but it certainly was not enough to prevent the salvation of those who would accept His only begotten Son, giving a proper offering. Adam was never reborn of God. He was born of Satan in his rebellion.

    Your fallacy is thus, "I just see that man being devoid of Christ was useless and lifeless compared to what He would be offered through redemption." It would have been much better if Adam never sinned and would be translated without having seen the grave. But such is the choice of men. How can you call yourself a Christian otherwise?

    Adam did not need to be spiritual to obey God. All he needed was to be made perfect in God's image, and simple obedience should not an issue. God quite enjoys the choice of man made in His image to have the free choice to choose the tree of life over the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This would have been His greatest pleasure to see that happen, but sadly man rebelled; but even that is not enough to prevent the salvation of those who love him with all their hearts and souls.

    Praise the Lord! Amen.

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