Will Jesus return within 75 years from when Israel became a nation (by 2023 at the latest)? Yes,

  • because 75 years is within a lifetime (Ps. 90.10);
  • because Abraham entered the promise land at 75 (Gen. 12.5);
  • because "you know the summer is near" (Matt. 24.32) when the "fig tree...branch is tender" (v.32);
  • Ezekiel's prophecy on his side for 390 days takes us to exactly May, 1948 when Israel became a nation again;
  • thus, you "know that it is near, even at the doors" (v.33).

Can we narrow down the time of the Tribulation and when Jesus returns? Yes,

  • because before the great and terrible day of the Lord (Joel 2.31, Rev. 6.12) there is a great earthquake (2010/11), unique solar eclipse (Nov. 3, 2013) and unique lunar eclipse (2014/15);
  • thus, the Tribulation can start no sooner than 2015.

How do we get even more exact for the time the Tribulation starts?

  • Each year there are from Feast of Trumpets 2,520 (Dan. 9.27, 12.7, Rev. 12.6) days to Tisha B'Av or 2,550 (Dan. 12.11) days to Day of Atonement;
  • there are 2300 days (Dan. 8.14) from the day before Passover to Tisha B'Av from 2016 to 2022 and for 2017 to 2023;
  • thus, we know the Tribulation starts on Feast of Trumpets either Sept. 14, 2015 or Oct. 3, 2016.

Which year does the Tribulation start?

  • There are seven sets of seven from June 7, 1967 (double fulfilment of Dan. 9.25) when Israel became a nation to the Day of Atonement June 23, 2015 (total of 17,640 days);
  • Israel became a nation and entered Jerusalem on the previous Tetrads so the 3rd Temple construction and the Tribulation should begin no latter that on the next Tetrad;
  • when Jesus returns, He judges the nations for 30 days from the 1260th to the 1290th day;
  • 2015 is a Jubilee year once every 50 years and it is a Sabbath year once every seven years (these years are confirmed going back to the start of the first Jubilee which was 3986 BC when Adam was 18 years old;
  • The 1335th day (Oct. 21, 2022, Dan. 12.12) is the 4th day from Simchat Torah, the last of Israel's holidays, just after Tabernacles is done in 2022, but not for 2023;
  • thus, the Tribulation must start on Feast of Trumpets Sept. 14 in 2015.

What day does Jesus step down on the mount of olives?

  • Jesus would step down on the 2,520th day which would be Aug. 7, 2022.