Doron Zeilberger believes the concept of infinity in mathematics is utter nonsense and repulsive! I couldn't agree more! Finite numbers are elegant. Infinity and infinite regress are just fiction of the human mind.

A googol is 10^10. A googolplex is 10^10^100.

And Graham's number is the largest number ever used in a formula. It is so large we don't know what the first digit is or how many digits it has. All we know is that it ends in 7.

Doron says when you get to the largest number then it goes back to 0 after you add 1 to it. I think that's silly. I knew there was something wrong wit Doron because he said "Infinity may or may not exist. God may or may not exist. But in mathematics there should not be any place for infinity or God." What an arrogant thing to say! Mathematics would not exist without God creating it for Doron to work on.

God of the Bible can produce eternity of the future, but an eternity past or infinite regress is illogical, because you would have happened already having had an eternity to do so, and you would never have existed because a past eternity would still be going on never reaching this point.

Georg Cantor who said there are different sizes of infinity ended up in an insane asylum. That makes me think all sizes of infinity are exactly the same size.

I remember in grade 12 Calculus that anything approximating infinity is deemed as being infinity. I have a theory. The closer you approach infinity the closer infinity goes away! By george I think I got it!

I think the universe is a certain size and we can't go outside of it because as we approach its edge time slows down so that we can never reach it or it simply curves back upon itself. And it is God who circumscribes it.

In an infinity it is suggested there is an infinite number of monkeys typing an infinite number of Shakespeare's plays, and actually an infinity number of everything. But I think that is nonsense because God would find that meaningless and pointless. So He constrains His creation accordingly so it is maximally great and righteously orchestrated.

In an infinite universe with an infinite number of you and people, you are insignificant. For this reason, God restrains such infinities to His world ensemble that saves the most and damns the least.

Actually with the universe there is a defined number of variables so that there is a limited number of ways they can be arranged. As soon as you arrange those variables in the same way again, you meet the boundary of infinity.