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Thread: The Atheist Experience Show Pre-Show #759 and #760

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    In Summary
    During the show a female guest asked Jen if she was an atheist because she believed that God does not exist. Jen responded affirmatively that the guest was indeed an atheist because she believed that God did not exist. So she was not agnostic.

    Here's the problem. Most atheists admit they have no evidence for their claim God does not exist but demand it of others. This is not a genuine way to come to the table by holding a double standard. It is unethical and selfish of you to behave that way. I don't believe atheists have a conscience to realize they are being unethical this way.

    I should also point out the staff at The Atheist Experience Show promised to devote some air time to me for the show on May 6, 2012 (show #760), but I kept calling and calling and didn't get through until nearly half way through the show then had to wait from that point another 45 minutes more. So it was at about 15 minutes after the show they finally let me speak to the the hosts, but within 2 minutes they hung up on me, refusing to listen to the proof for God.

    This is the type of people these people are. Sad really. I know I wouldn't treat people that way.

    Don't let atheists get away with their special pleading and argument from ignorance where they don't have to supply evidence for their claim God does not exist. That is just shifting the burden of the proof.

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    At the 38:50 mark a girl calls in and says she has been an atheist for two months and that before that she was agnostic. The hosts, Jen Peeples and Russell Glasser nodded and agreed. At the 55:00 mark, Jen said there was a caller on line 4 about the Bible. That was me waiting the entire show to speak (I was promised I could ask my question prior to the show), and then Russell said "they dropped him on purpose." They didn't actually drop me but just didn't let me speak till about 15 minutes after the show was done as I have exposed them before, and they could not handle what I had to say before, so they didn't want it on air.

    However, the girl who spoke at 38:50 is not the girl I was referring to who called in and asked if she was atheist because she believed that God does not exist. Jen replied and said that that was correct, she is an atheist because she believes God does not exist. What should concern you though is because that question is not on the edited program, obviously they edited it out, because it is quite damning to their view as it contradicts Russell's view that you can be both atheist and agnostic.

    Atheists have a hard time agree with themselves. Whereas all theists agree the uncreated Creator exists. The question then becomes whose deity is the correct one?

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