1. The US Dollar dropped from 2002 to 2008. Re-financings were high in 2007. People were taking money out of their homes in a massive run up in house prices; that threw lots of dollars into the economy even though rates were higher while the markets were going up too creating dollar inflation. Refinancing are peaking again over the next 12 months (2012) just as they did in 2007, so the theory goes if the rates are lower now to get better refinancing even though home prices dropped, with the economy picking up steam those re-financings will add dollars again to debase the dollar. However, consumers are shrinking their debts unlike 2007 so they will take any money they get with lower mortgage payments to pay down debt. This should set up up for a drop in the US Dollar Index for an intermediate low by the middle of 2012.

2. Obama gets reelected 2012 and Islam attacks Israel (doubt it will happen, but we need to stay with the game plan) with thousands of rockets. 6 months leading up to his election the Dollar rebounds, but by the middle of 2013 the US Dollar starts to go down again and by 2014 goes to an all time new low.

3. Israel sends a rocket at the Dome and blows it up. Muslims are blamed as if it was one of their own rockets that misfired.

4. 2013 Temple construction begins.

5. 2014-2015 USA, EU invade Iran to shut down its nuclear power plant.

6. First Rapture according to readiness Sept. 14, 2015 Feast of Trumpets.

7. Temple completed April. 20, 2016.

8. Millions are taking the implant under their skin by 2017-18.

8. At some point 2017 to 2019 a nuclear bomb blows up the Vatican.

9. Great Tribulation starts Feb. 25, 2019.

(I am sure to be wrong about one or more of these points).