There is a battle being waged by those who claim a Jubilee is counted every 49 years instead of every 50 years. Perry Stone, for example, counts from 1436 also (he at least agrees with the starting date). Perry says the the 17th Jubilee (49 years each) falls on Nebuchadnezzar's invasion in 606 BC, but he has a bit of subtracting problem. The 17th Jubilee according to his way of calculating is 603 BC, not 606 BC. He's off 3 years. 1436 BC - (49 x 17) = 603. However, the 30th Jubilee, calculated 49 years each (not 50 years), does fall exactly when Jesus died on the cross which is striking. Observe: 49 x 30 - 1436 BC - 1 (no 0 year) = 33 AD. Jesus died on the cross Friday, April 1, 33 AD (Gregorian). From this the 70th Jubilee is 1993. 70 x 49 - 1436 BC - 1 year (for no 0 year) = 1993. Perry changes it to 1995 in error. He likes to fiddle.

Anyway, if the 70th Jubilee was 1993 then Jesus should have returned at that time. The 71st Jubilee would be 2042. Did you know the world has no oil left within 25 years by 2035? Therefore, the Tribulation would happen far sooner than, thus proving calculating of every 49 years to definitely be wrong. Satan is the one who killed Jesus in 33 AD through men. This is not an acceptable day of the Lord. This should not be considered a Jubilee. So the first Jubilee after Christ occurred was in 15 AD (see calculations) and the 70th AD would be 2015. Let's see what else Perry is going to confuse us with...

"And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias [Is. 61.1-2]. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord" (Luke 4.16-19).

"The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn" (Is. 61.1-2).

Jesus did not quote all of Is. 61.2. He left out "and the day of the vengeance of our God..." because that will occur when He returns as well as His vengeance.

Jesus' first coming was to take away the sins of the world: "The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1.29) and to preach something of His second coming as well.

"Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof" (Rev. 5.5). Actually He is "newly slain" so it is a revisit of the cross and ascension as we see Him having died on the cross in the first seal.

"As though it had been slain" (5.6) is, in the original, rendered "as though it had been newly slain"óThis clearly proves that this is the scene of the ascension of the Lord. Although the death of the Lord is forever fresh, the word here designates it as being newly slain.

We may conclude that Revelation chapter 4 depicts the daily scene in Godís presence, which is the natural situation in heaven; while chapter 5 speaks of the sight of the Lordís ascension, for in it we are told of "a Lamb standing, as though it had been [newly] slain" (5.6). This scene is repeated for the benefit of the apostle Johnó"After these things . . . a door opened in heaven" (4.1). This is not a continuation of the seven churches but rather is a sequel to the vision given in chapter 1. Do not think the rapture has taken place yet. That would be a grave mistake.

When is the acceptable year of the Lord? On the Jubilee. When is the 120th Jubilee since 3986 BC calculated to 50 years each? It is brings us to 2015. 3986 BC + 120 Jubilees x 50 years each less 1 for no zero year = 2015. The Tribulation starts on Sept. 14, 2015 to Aug. 7, 2022. This 7 year period is the length of His parousia and commences with the saints "before the throne" (Rev. 7.9). Jesus then comes on the cloud down through the cloud through the parousia, later to meet the saints in the air, then steps down the mount of olives at the last trumpet.

Praise the Lord for this discernment again brothers and sisters! Hallelujah!

So these three pictures below by Perry Stone indicate deception and will not point to the acceptable year of the Lord in 2015, so watch out! Don't be deceived by Perry Stone.

Perry Stone further said something strange in his program, "The Mystery of the 8 or 9 Jubilees" that there were children born in the Garden to Adam and Eve. I just thought that was weird.

The Book of Jubilees says, "Adam and Eve fell into sin on the second month and the seventeenth day" (Book of Jubilees 3.17).

"In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened" (Gen. 7.11).

Perry gets stranger when he said the 2300 days were concluded in 1967. He got this prophecy from Rabbi Getz. Of course it is wrong because Jesus would have returned at the conclusion of the 2300 days. I wish people would stop changing days to years.

"And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed" (Dan. 8.14). We know Israel is going to be overrun during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 11.1) so 1967 can't point to the end of the 2300 days. Plus there is no Temple in 1967 for the sanctuary to be cleansed. I don't understand why Perry can't understand this.

His 2300 days are years that take him from the destruction of the temple to 1967. In Daniel's day the Acadian calendar was used by the Babylonians. That calendar has 442 days in a year (rounded off). 36.8 days make a month. 36.8 x 12 = 441.6 days. The Temple was destroyed 70 AD. From 70 AD to 1967 is 1897 Acadian years. That's 838,747 days (1897 x 442). Divide 838,747 by 2300 = 364.55 years. This calculation though makes no sense whatsoever since what does 2300 days have to do with the Acadian calendar? It is completely arbitrary and ad hoc. It just happens to work out to 365 days per year. So what. I need to believe Satan is behind this deception because it removes the importance of the 2300 days which would be the Temple is to be completed with 220 days into the Tribulation and 2300 days left. The sanctuary is unclear for those 2300 days because it was built by the Antichrist and for the Antichrist then the sacrifices cease at the midpoint of the Tribulation.

Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel lived from 1150 to 1217. He formulated a theory on the Jubilees. The Ottoman Empire took Jerusalem in 1517. This prophecy of Judah Ben Samuel was published in 1348/49. He prophesied that the Ottoman Empire would control Jerusalem for 8 Jubilees. 8 Jubilees takes us to 1917. (Notice this contradicts Perry Stone's former use of Jubilees as only 49 years each which would be to the year 1909 instead). The 9th Jubilee, according to the prophecy, was to be a no-man's land when the British took it from the Turks. For 50 years the British didn't know what to do with it. It didn't belong to the Arabs or the Jews; not until June 7, 1967 was made one city under Israel control.

The lesson in all this for me is that Perry Stone has been a tool in deceiving the masses, either dejecting souls because his 70th Jubilee was 1993, 1994 or 1995 and the next one according to his dates would be 2042-45. People would be considering that time frame and caught unprepared during the Tribulation of Sept. 14, 2015 to Aug. 7, 2022.

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