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Thread: Molinism Is Not Necessary

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    Default OSAS Arminian vs. Calvinism

    There are two main differences between OSAS Arminian and Calvinism:

    1) In OSAS Arminian, God picks the world in the world ensemble to actualize when comparing all possible worlds so that He saves the most and damns the least. Whereas in Calvinism, its god does not have this conscientiousness, conscience and consideration for he evil and unable. In any case, he is lesser than God.

    2) In the world that we do exist, all that has happened and will happen is predetermined because it is the world God selects and actualizes for eternity since it is the best one. The reason why Calvinism even if it accepts these terms still would be evil and a sign of unsalvation is because it teaches a wrong attitude in the unregenerated spirit of the Calvinist. Their god does not provide sufficient grace for all or any to have the choice by irresistibly imposing salvation on the allegedly saved. The contradictory two wills of the god of Calvinism telling everyone he wants them to be saved while secretly not is doubleminded. And the god of Calvinism pleads (or not in the case of hardened Calvinists) for our salvation is duplicitous by giving false hope to the reprobate.

    Thinking in these terms gives me peace in reconciling to a certain degree God's infinite foreknowledge and determinism with free will. May the Holy Spirit touch your spirit with this truth. Even in this actualized world William Lane Craig is not saved, because he refuses to come to Christ by saving faith instead of by works, for he admits his faith is one where he can lose salvation by works. There is no world in which he would be saved, for it would be unrighteous of God to send someone to Hell in this actual timeline if they could have been saved in another. Therefore, William Lane Craig truly belongs in Hell.

    Anyone who is saved in this world may have been unsaved in another world, but anyone who refuses salvation in this world could not have been saved in another world, for they either would not have existed or would receive Christ. A computer programmer would set it up just this way. How much more for God!

    This is the best explanation I have ever heard, so I am abiding in my own conscience with it.

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    Default Molinism Is Not Necessary


    Molinism would be false if God were to bring about or actualize any old world ensemble. Molinism would at the end of the day be Calvinism under those conditions if either God caused everything or did not take consideration to activate the proper world ensemble.

    Whether there is one world actualized out of many worlds that saves the most and damns the least, or just one world with no other world possibilities free will remains free will. Free will must be true so God affords us a number of choices in any given situation or scenario, otherwise we would really not be any different than robots. And this can only be accomplished if God saves the most and damns the least, providing man the optimal number of choices in any given situation.

    Just like I donít know how God created the first single-celled organism, gives me world-consciousness, self-consciousness, God-consciousness and true free-will, I don't know how or why exactly some receive Christ and others do not. However, I do know we are sovereign beings with free will made in Godís image. That then becomes the answer. This is the view I always held from the beginning. No human being has come up with a better answer that satisfied our heart strings.

    A Calvinist is unsaved because he refuses to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated. He assumed he was irresistibly selected or regenerated which he claims caused him to repent and believe. But this is not true repentance and faith since it was irresistibly imposed. What the Calvinist calls repentance, Christians consider to be selfish. They are redefining terms for their easy-believism, possessed by the evil spirit of Calvinism. Just know it is evil to worship a god who is unable to provide sufficient grace for any and all to have the choice to respond.

    God operates outside of time. Any event in history or the future is immediately accessible to Him. So He would not have to operate as a Calvinist requires by irresistibly causing everything. He can enter His creation and synergistically work with our free will to save those who are willing recipients of His mercy and grace, provided His grace is sufficient for us all.

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