Scientology vs. Christianity

In scientology, engrams are relived, that is, past experiences in a hypnotic state which turn into fantasies because the person then regresses into imaginary past lives, primordial soul, even to the negative engrams of an alien race that supposedly existed 95 million years ago in our galaxy that created humans. You may even experience a false engram or memory of coming out of your mother's womb and other such nonsense. You basically have an infinite number of engrams you have to wipe away and lots of money you have to dole out for it. More problems and more treatments, and lots of money for the Scientology organization.

Whereas Christianity doesn't put any such burden on you (of salvation by such works), but has the Lord Jesus Christ die for our sins (a free gift), spilling His precious blood for the forgiveness of sins so all past sins are washed away. Trust the Word that it is so, God forgives completely if you are willing to receive what He did for you, not just 80% or 90% of your engrams or past mistakes. You don't have to go up dozens of levels to reach a state of clearing. You can have it all at this very moment in new birth as a new creation of God. Have the humility that you can't wipe away your engrams, for sin begets sin. You're only a man. You're not God. You may squash one engram, see the light of it, to only shift the sin around to some other aspect of your being. You might even think you have nipped several of your problems in the but, but these sins transform themselves in such unsuspecting ways. All this happens because it is man trying to do the squashing from a wrong point of stance and shedding what little light he has on the solution. The proper stance and foundation is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit in His spirit now in the regenerated believer. Understand that your flesh is utterly corruptible, there is no salvage it. It's only verdict is death and that is is the death on the cross with Christ. On by its death with your old man on the cross can you put naught the deeds of the flesh.

L. Ron Hubbard's son was a homosexual and committed suicide as L. Ron Hubbard did. As the story goes, L. Ron Hubbard let his nails grow very long and he shrunk away in exclusion and dementia in his little world without any contact with other people. Just like the hypnotism he taught, he fell under its spell. God never asks one to be so introverted, but to keep your eye on Christ at all times. Christianity teaches you should be of sound mind and body at all times and not fall into such trances, for they are susceptible to evil spirits gaining strongholds in your mind under such a blank mind and passive will. This is like the Nirvana of Buddhism to deal with the pain their society was enduring and your past lives regression is like the reincarnation of Hinduism. Gnosticism is similar to Hubbard's claim you were created evilly by space aliens. Whereas in Christianity a loving God would never allow an evil being to create souls.

Hubbard was a compulsive liar. He claimed to have gone on all kinds of adventures for which there were so many, he would have had to be at least 400 years old. Perhaps that is one negative of novels, is you enter into a fantasy life, and sometimes don't discern from what is real and what is fantasy. Your conscience is lowered to a "lying morality" because that is how these characters behave in these novels as though this is just common human behavior. As a novelist makes stuff up in his fantasy life, so he lies, even subconsciously, in his day to day life. Whereas Jesus said even one little lie is a sin, sin leads to death and the second death which is Hell.

Jesus Christ said pay your taxes. L. Ron Hubbard spent his life dodging his taxes and going to great lengths to do so. On his ship he was very abusive to shipmates and he had an entourage of 13, 14, 15 year old girls he had sex with. He pushed women overboard and locked a child in a locker for two days who had to remain there soiling himself. This is child abuse, punishable by imprisonment.

People don't want to accept God's glory and His mercy through Christ, so they devise all kinds of ways to reject the only possible solution for our sin problem. Hubbard even created an ethics system, but it became so controlling and without love, people were afraid of him. What is ethics without love? "Snow White," their project to infiltrate the government, convicted 8 of Ron's closest entourage, including his wife, to imprisonment for stealing government documents. Hubbard admitted Dianetics and Scientology was created for the sake of money: "creating a cult is where the money is." It was not for the sake of truth. It was Ron's way of expressing his rejection of God and was a foretaste of his eternal damnation in Hell. Sin begets sin and leads to paranoia. There is no need to be paranoid if you didn't do anything wrong.

Tom Cruise, Marie Presley, John Travolta and others involved in this sickness don't understand that a cult is a cult because it provides some truth that is very appealing to people, but it is at the sacrifice inevitably of the greater truth. There is something to clearing engrams, nobody denies that, but it doesn't lead to a regression of aliens 95 million years ago, nor can man save himself by reworking his analysis of any particular engram with absolute certainty, for only God can do that entirely. God knowing man's limitations provides Jesus on the cross and Jesus brings us to His sure death which is our co-death with Him for power over the flesh--sin of the body and self of the soul. Through our death with Christ, what is not left in death is resurrected in new life with Christ to walk by the Holy Spirit and do His will for the glory of God.

There is nothing wrong with finding out the truth of past mistaken assumptions of what you may call engrams. But there is a problem to what length you will go to uncover them all at the price of not accepting the ultimate solution which is the atonement on the cross in forgiveness of sins by our Creator, Lord and Savior. Amen.