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Thread: Division in Christendom

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    Default Division in Christendom

    The PROBLEM is dissension and confusion, thus lack of unity, in the body of Christ. "For it has been declared to me concerning you, my brethren...that there are contentions among you. I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment. What I mean is that each one of you says, 'I belong to Paul' [a denomination], or 'I belong to Apollos' [another denomination], or 'I belong to Cephas' [yet another denomination], or 'I belong to Christ' [even a non-denomination]. Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?" (1 Cor. 2.10-13)

    Dividing the Church by denomination or non-denomination, independent congregation, mission-connection, personal allegiance, special message in ministry, history or doctrine, community or faith group, or experience do not work. A church is the local expression of a city of believers as a whole according to already established governmental boundaries.

    The SOLUTION is biblocality with the distinct PURPOSE of gathering the Apostles for the Church in agreement to (1) Accept, no more and no less, the boundary or sphere of their work: a region of church localities (e.g. churches of Judea or Asia Minor, or Syria or Texas or Alberta). (2) Appoint for each church (i.e. city of believers) within their respective region of churches Elders of a locality (e.g. church of Jerusalem, Ephesus, Antioch, Houston, Edmonton) who shall approve Elders of meeting places with the locality. The Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ is used by these three administrative or managerial workers to record their work for the Church so Christians can find meeting places with correct teaching. Other workers list their work on the Meeting Place Finder with the Elder of the locality for the city, locale or remote area in which they work. All workers are local in nature; only Apostles are regional in scope.

    To ensure these are the correct Apostles and Elders, a certain number of questions are asked to ensure they are legitimate.

    The REASON why God limits the scope to a regional of work for Apostles is because He knows man's flesh all too well, that as soon as he is given a little power, he wants more and turns it into a denomination with money, becomes an archdiocese of a country or continent, even a pope of a planet. "Are you so foolish? Having begun with the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh?" (Gal. 3.3) Similarly, the Elder of a locality does not extend beyond the locality so that whatever the teaching of that locality, it is contained and does not spread as would be the case if it were a denomination. Nor is the meeting place (congregation of believers) exalted above the locality of believers. They must resolve their differences within the whole locality. The locality is the reward for overcomer believers to reign over during the 1000 years (Rev. 20.2-7) which is also a miniature of the New City on the New Earth (21.9-27).

    As the nations (Matt. 25.31-46) are divided up and remain with us through the millennial kingdom, there will also need to be presidents of countries and if God so wills, leaders of a block of countries in a continent. However, we have received no revelation in this dispensation of grace-mystery age of the church-for the workers in the Church to take on such roles. Jesus will determine this when He returns in Person (Zech. 14.4, Acts. 1.11, Rev. 1.7, Jude 14,15). And therefore, what the denominations do is entirely wrong with their national, continental and global leaderships that conflict with one another doctrinally and socially.

    The WAY to accomplish the gathering of the Apostles is for them to willingly present themselves here in agreement. With patience, in time they will do so. There are brothers and sisters out there who understand this, but may not be aware of the gathering of the Apostles and Elders at It has to start somewhere-here is where it shall start!

    To ACCEPT this truth, you'll need to RECEIVE freely God's grace (22.17) otherwise it shall not be given unto you to understand (1.3) what is happening in end-times. Praise the Lord for this discernment! Amen.

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    Default 54 Types

    We are to be as sojourners, not like a mustard seed that grows into a large tree not of its kind. The unsaved tares (Matt. 13.30,39-42) operate in the kingdom of heaven and try to look like the saved wheat but are outside the church-body of Christ.

    54 Different Types of Views in Christendom
    3 Categories to Compare (2x3x9=54 types)

    tripartite = women and men are spirit, soul and body.
    bipartite = men and women are spirit (soul) and body.

    osas arminian = Man is fallen and can't choose by the flesh, but still has the gift of being made in God's image to choose to activate the gift of faith and be drawn by God. God predestinates by foreknowing our free-choice made in His image: a conditional election, unlimited atonement, resistible grace, for the preservation of the saints.
    non-osas arminian = same as osas arminian with one change: a person can lose salvation after being saved.
    calvinism = man is totally deprave and can't choose at all. God predestinates by foreknowing who to save without first regard for their choice when he gives the gift of faith causing them to believe and does not save others, thus causing them not to believe: an unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, for perseverance of the saints.

    separate rapture (partrib) = before the Tribulation there is a rapture of living overcomer believers who were ready to be received to the throne, and there is a rapture at the start of the last trumpet of the Tribulation.*
    pretrib = all believers at the start of the Tribulation are raptured.*
    midtrib = all believers at the start of the middle of the Tribulation are raptured.*
    prewrath = all believers at the start of the last trumpet of the Tribulation are raptured.*
    posttrib = all believers at the end of the last trumpet of the Tribulation are raptured.*
    amill = we are in the 1000 years now, but there will be a Tribulation at the end.
    postmill = we are in the 1000 years now, but there will be no Tribulation at the end.
    preterism = the second coming of Christ occurred at 70 A.D.
    partial preterism = the second coming of Christ occurred at 70 A.D., and there will be more second comings of Christ.

    * Premillennial = separate rapture, pretrib, midtrib, prewrath and posttrib all teach that Jesus will return in Person to reign on earth from Jerusalem in the Temple for either 1000 literal years or a great amount of time before the earth passes away and the new city and new earth commence.

    There is no option for other types such as open theism, claiming God does not have infinite foreknowledge (omniscience) or does not use it, because they are so far askew and not worth considering.

    For the three ways of being saved (osas arminian, non-osas arminian, calvinism), only one is right and each is consistent within itself. Of the 5 points being compared (free-choice or total depravity; unlimited atonement or limited atonement; conditional election or unconditional election; resistible grace or irresistible grace; OSAS preserveration of saints or non-OSAS or perseverance of the calvinists), you cannot have two items of one view and three of another view since they would contradict each other. You can't even have one item of one view, and four items of the other view unless it meets the criteria of the 3 different ways of salvation. But even so, only one of those 3 ways of salvation is correct!

    Also, there are two kinds of OSAS. OSAS Arminian says you can't lose salvation because the choice you made was forever to fulfill the condition to receive God's gift of eternal life at new birth. Calvinism OSAS says the reason you can never lose salvation is because God made you that way to save you first which causes you to believe and be that way forever.

    A fourth category could be added pertaining to ecclesiology with these 4 choices: 1) denom "I of Cephas" or "I of Apollos" corporation; 2) non-denom "I of Christ" congregationalism, exalting the meeting place above the locality; 3) multi-denom "I of Cephas and Apollos" ecumenicalism; and 4) biblocality, "I of Apostles appointing Elders for church cities, towns or remote areas to take care of the church unit." Also, the creation view (gap restoration) may be considered with at least 5 competing views, which brings us to a total of 1080 different types of forums (54x4x5).

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