I believe how a person responds to Christ and His teaching reflects if that person is saved or not; it shows their fruit and God said we shall know them by their fruit. Ultimately it shows if they have been redeemed by the precious blood for the forgiveness of all their sins and received eternal life.

I do not believe you are a Christian (speaking to those who are against this information), but you are using Christianity, due to the hardness of your heart and how you respond to these 5 basic truths in Christianity, which may seem deep to some, but they are very basic really.

In short if you feel man is bipartite and not tripartite as proven, then you are probably not a Christian because you don't know the inner spirit and the outer soul differences or care to know.

If you believe in amillennialism or other historicalism and not premillennial (chiliasm of the first century) and more specifically partial rapture as proven, then you are probably not a Christian because you don't care for the regeneration of the world and accountability for Christians.

If you believe in calvinism, that is, the belief that you were saved causing you to choose like a robot and others premade for hell without regard first for their choice in His image, then you are probably not saved because His precious blood is for anyone that would receive Him and He is not an evil God making robots for hell.

If you believe in something other than gap restoration at best you are a carnal Christian and will lose rewards of reigning in the millennium, because you deny the sin of earth's earliest ages caused by Satan and fallen angels over demons (now disembodied spirits). Hence, day 2 was the only day not called a good day in the restoration of creation that began at Gen. 1.2.

If you reject the apostles working regionally to appoint elders locally over cities as did Paul and Peter, then you will not be rewarded with reigning with Christ in the millennium and may very well be unsaved for altering the Word of God so blatantly for demons, non-denoms and multi-denoms, none of which are provided for in the Bible because it says never to divide the body of Christ by saying, "I of Apollos", "I of Cephas", "I of Christ", or "I of Cephas and I of Apollos".

My prayers go out to you to repent and receive Christ into your life. Amen.