Historicalists are amillennialists, post-millennialists and preterists.

Why do they have no authority?

Very simply, Rev. 20.3 says, "deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled".

During the 1000 years the nations will not be deceived, that is, they will be at peace and not war, as the lamb and the lion lay down together in peace.

Yet, the historicalists all say this 3rd last chapter of the Bible has already happened or is happening today even though Jesus Christ has not yet returned.

It would seem quite important for Christians to observe and discern someone who claims themselves to be Christian, to find out if they believe this. Were not 7 million Jews murdered not too long ago?

Today the most disturbing national atrocities continue and the historicalist says Satan is no longer the god of the world but is in the pit already. People are demonically possessed today, but the historicalist says it is not possible because Satan is in the pit. If Satan is in the pit, then the Antichrist won't come so they think to blunt the most solemn warning at the end of this age, and man will through social reforms make all things better by his own strength.

Personally, I don't see how anyone who is a historicalist could be born-again, for such teaching does not flow at all from the cross of Christ and the Holy Spirit leading in the spirit. However, I do know some Christians can be deceived, so there could be a few who have new life and need deliverance from this sick teaching of historicalism promoting war as not being deceived.

Do not worry about those outside the kingdom of heaven for the danger lies in the tares right inside the scope or sphere of the kingdom of heaven, attempting to do damage to the church.