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Thread: Christian Legal Defense

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    Default Christian Legal Defense

    These Christ-centered, non-profit, civil rights and religious freedom law firms offer FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION to victims of unlawful anti-faith bias including employees, students, teachers, churches, and cities:

    Alliance Defense Fund

    Christian Law Association

    American Center for Law

    Justice Thomas More Law Center

    Becket Fund

    Rutherford Institute

    Pacific Justice

    Christian Legal Society

    Liberty Counsel

    Liberty Legal

    US Justice Foundation

    Look them up on the web. They all have great websites!

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    Default Issues with State vs Church in Divorce Matters

    Recently, I was dragged into court, charged with contempt for non-payment of alimony, and placed in hand-cuffs until I purged myself. What was not allowed in this instance was my motion two years previous to either reduce or eliminate alimony, reduce and/or modify the child support because I had taken a job earning 40% less money than when the divorce was finalized. What bothered me is that her attorney with the judge's concurrence made an issue of the fact that I paid tithes to the church rather than pay my ex-wife her alimony. The separation of church vs. state bothers me here. Where does that separation begin and end in the eyes of the law. This case was heard in TN.

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    Your donation would be treated no different than a donation to any other charity. Give unto Caesar what is owed to him so that your payment to your spouse is not reduced. Donation to charities are secondary to alimony.

    If you took it to court I think your payments would be reduced if your income was reduced.

    This is not a Church and State issue. Christians don't get special privileges. We should treat others as we would like to be treated.

    Church and State need to be separated because the only solution for the State is its destructions which is coming in the Great Tribulation. But the Church will not be destroyed.

    It's like our flesh. Our flesh can't be fixed or refined. The only verdict is death. Hence, the solution is to die on the cross with Christ in co-death. Amen.

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