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1. Have you come to the cross as a helpless sinner to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior (substitution) and died with Him (identification) (Gal. 2.19,20; Rom. 6.6-8, 7.4; Gal. 2.20)?

2. Do you believe God is Triune (Gen. 3.22), the Trinity of the Father, Son and Spirit (Matt. 3.16-17, Mark 1.9-11, Luke 3.21-22) and created "all things by Him [Jesus]" (John 1.3)?

3. Do you believe the Godhead is One Being of one substance in three Persons, co-equal, co-eternal and co-inherent, each having their own distinct will (John 6.38, Luke 22.42) but not separate?

4. The Son of Man, Christ Jesus, will return with His overcomer believers to reign with a "rod of iron" (Rev. 2.27, 12.5, 19.15) "over the nations" (2.26) for 1000 years.

5. God provides us all sufficient grace to have the free-choice, pleading "come unto me" (Matt. 11.28) "if any...whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely" (John 7.37, Rev. 22.17).

6. After the millennial kingdom, believers enter the physical New City on the New Earth in New Heaven. "God and...the Lamb shall be" (Rev. 22.3) the center thereof.

7. Do you believe when you were saved (born again, new birth) right there and then you received eternal life which can never lost (John 10.27-29)?

8. Are there spiritual as well as fleshly or 'carnal' Christians (Rom. 7.14,19; 1 Cor. 3.1) though saved lose the reward of reigning with Christ during the 1000 years (Jude 14,15; Rev. 20.4-6)?

9. Six literal days sum up the period of restoration after earth became desolate and waste (Gen. 1.2), and the uncreated Creator is proven by observing cause and effect in nature (Rom. 1.20).

10. Do you believe God is all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent and has infinite foreknowledge? This is the God open theists reject and therefore are not saved.

11. God-consciousness resides in the functions of intuition, communion and conscience of our spirit, and self-consciousness in the mind, will and emotion of our soul (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5.23).

12. Do you agree Hell is not annihilation but the place of eternal torment for the unsaved after being resurrected to the Great White Throne for judgment (Rev. 19.20; 20.10,15)?

13. After being saved, baptism is with or without physical water in burial (Rom. 6.4) and resurrection (v.5) to come out of the world into a living hope of newness (1 Pet. 1.3) with Christ.

14. Do you believe the Bible is the complete word of God about Jesus Christ, no more no less, in the 66 books from Genesis to Revelation?

15. Do you believe speaking in tongues is discernible linguistic syntax known to the speaker and a gift of the Holy Spirit to share the word of God to the nations in different languages?

16. Laying on of hands joins us experientially to the body of Christ, but we ought not to abuse it as popularly seen on tv by false Christians in the Word of Faith movement (see video).

17. Women can be apostles (1 Pet. 3.7), elders and teachers (Gal. 3.28), but "that which is born of the flesh is flesh" (John 3.6) so Mary was born into sin, made mistakes and sinned like us all.

18. Apostles directly commissioned by God work in a region of churches and appoint Elders of a church locality (a city, town, rural area) who then approve the Elders of meeting places.

19. Do you accept Apostles and Elders organizing the Church on the Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ in agreement with these 18 questions? (See all 37 questions in your profile.)

Apostles for a region, Elders of a locality and Elders of a meeting place join permission groups to enter their work on the Meeting Place Finder so Christians can find fellowship with correct teaching.

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37 questions are asked in your profile to help you understand God's Word more fully. The first 19 are given when you register.

To confirm you are an Apostle for a region of churches, you would agree to all 37 questions which is the minimum standard set by the Apostles, so the Church can be confident you were directly commissioned by God. If you are an Elder of a locality, appointed by an Apostle, you would agree at least to the first 19 questions while not disagreeing with the rest though you may answer "not sure" to the last 18 questions if you are not sure yet. The same applies to Elders of a meeting place.

The purpose of these questions is to establish the Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ so Christians can find meeting places with correct teaching.

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