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    Libertarian Free Will says a person can do something outside of what God has provided for him to be able to do. Free will is true but libertarian free will is false. God has no problem being able to reconcile His infinite foreknowledge with free will as we are sovereign free-willed beings made in His image, and God exists outside of time and space so He can touch any point in time and space instantly.

    William Lane Craig believes in Libertarian Free Will as he uses this phrase all the time to describe his view, but this is a false teaching since it is God who has provided us with all available free-choices under any given scenario, and we cannot exceed them as Craig believes we can. Thereby he exalts himself.

    Naturally, therefore, Craig is a non-OSASer who thinks he has the power to keep or to lose his "alleged" salvation from the god he worships. This is salvation by works. We are not saved by works lest any man should boast.

    William Lane Craig talks so much, but he doesn't have much empathy for the views of others. If he had, he would have the humility to see his own mistaken assumptions that Christians have been trying to show him for years. He closes himself off.

    I am an OSAS Arminian; that is, I gave my life to the God who always keeps and does not let anyone pluck me out of His hand. He predestinates by foreknowing our free-choice: a conditional election, unlimited atonement, resistible grace, for preservation of the saints. Craig has no faith to believe in this God.

    Craig is too selfish to give his life to Christ preferring to have a selfish "out-clause" or prenuptial with one foot in the door and one foot out. This is Satan's counterfeit salvation. But those who are actually born-again, "they shall never perish" (John 10.28). This is something William Craig almost never talks about. He doesn't want people to know he is a non-OSASer. The very fact he hides it is an indication his conscience is trying to speak to him, but he doesn't want to listen to it.

    Isn't that a strange kind of salvation where you can be saved, lose it, get it back again, only to lose it again? Can you see the hand of Satan in this? The real God simply will not save you to begin with. God won't save you till you enter genuinely into a relationship for God to keep you saved. This is not what Craig is interested in. He is interested in his own prowess. The truth of his mistaken assumption is no man can keep himself saved nor can he lose it once saved. A proud man full of accomplishment has difficulty accepting this.

    Both Calvinists (Total Depravists who try to high-jack the Reformation of Justification by Faith by trying to change it into irresistible grace) and non-OSASers (Remonstrants and Wesleyans such as William Lane Craig of the great harlot of religious Rome-the Roman Church-that makes drunk the nations with the wine of the wrath of her fornications, Rev. 14.8) are not born-again. They worship their false Christs. They don't want to be saved God's way of saving sinners. They prefer a selfish salvation. Where is the love in that? All they have left is to wait for the Great White Throne judgment and Hell since most of them have long since made up their minds. Nothing we can do to help them. Jesus says just kick the dust under your feet as you leave them be.

    William Lane Craig was never born-again and in all likelihood he never will be. Who do you know who is as old as Craig is, even a scholar, who entered into a false salvation, or came so close to the door of salvation only to turn away (2 Pet. 2.21), then ended up repenting and giving his life to Christ to be regenerated once-saved-always-saved? Very few I am sure.

    You can appreciate how important it is for Satan to bring a person into a false salvation, masquerading as an angel of light, highjacking the new birth, replacing it with a counterfeit salvation and producing Satanic grace, because then his work is done. All he need do then is wait to take that soul with him to Hell, committed to an eternal state of delusion.

    It is more painful for the false Christian who worships a false Christ to give up that false Christ than the fear of letting go of self and placing his trust in the Jesus who always keeps. Instead of having the humility to accept he can't keep himself saved nor does he have the power to overturn God's saving grace once saved, his obsession and possession become so entrenched, the fear of letting go of the control he has through his particular idolatry (non-OSAS) becomes insurmountable.