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    Inordinate Allegorizing of Preterism
    Preterists believe that Dan. 9.27 is not the Antichrist but Jesus who broke a seven year covenant after verse 26 says the Messiah was cut off and Titus destroyed the 2nd Temple 70 AD. Do you see the problems?

    (a) We have the covenant made in Dan. 9.27 that follows the Temple destruction in 70 AD (v.26), but the preterist yanks this covenant back into the first part of Dan. 9.26 when Jesus was cut off. How can you make a covenant for 7 years if you are dead? Makes no sense.

    (b) The 69th seven and 70th seven produce an overlap in preterism because three and a half years after their Jesus died, the 70th seven was completed. If that were true, the 2nd half of the 69th seven would have to overlap the 1st half of the 70th seven by three and a half years, because Jesus died immediately after the 69th seven. We all know this overlap is totally inconsistent with the consecutive accounting of the 69 sevens. (The declaration to rebuild the Temple was Nisan 1, 444 BC. 69 sevens is 173,880 days and takes us to exactly Monday, March 28, 33 AD [Gregorian] which is the 1st day of the 4 day inspection of the Lamb. The four days were March 28, 29, 30 and 31. Then Jesus dies on the cross on Friday, Nisan 14, April 1, 33 AD. Satan calls this day April Fool's Day to mock the atoning sacrifice.)

    (c) Jesus died after the 69th seven, but if verse 27 completes the 70th seven 3.5 years after Jesus died, where's the everlasting righteousness upon Israel, its Temple and its people (v.24) that should immediately follow?

    (d) Even with 20-20 hindsight there is no clear 7 year covenant established around when Jesus died. No historical record. And Jesus only ministered 3 years.

    (e) Such allegorizing of a 7 years covenant surrounding the cross leads to more allegorization and misreading of Scripture, and pretty soon there are as many different interpretations of the past 20 centuries applied to the book of Revelation as there are prophets in the historicist churches who no longer treat it as a book of the future as Genesis is about beginnings.

    Based on this evidence, we can conclude preterism is devised to reject the Jesus who will return to reign on earth with His overcomers (Jude 14,15; Rev. 2.26, 19.11-16, 20.4-6) for 1000 years. Who can say Jesus is reigning now with His overcomers over the nations with a "rod of iron"? Such preterists deny the coming 3rd Temple that Jesus will reign in for 1000 years. They claim that Jesus is reigning now and the nations are no longer deceived even though Rev. 20.3 says the nations won't be deceived in the 1000 years. To reject the millennial kingdom is considered antinomian because if you are saved according to them it doesn't matter what you do after, since there is is no time of recompense of the millennial kingdom where rewards are given to overcomers in Christ (e.g. 5 wise virgins, Matt. 25.1-13) and non-overcomers in Christ lose this reward. One's conscience is seriously degraded with that kind of attitude.