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    2. Runing the Race

    Watch therefore: for ye know not on what day your Lord cometh. Matthew 24.42.

    What is the significance of the word “watch”? The meaning of watching is not to be careless. How prone Christians are to be overly self-confident. Watchfulness is the very opposite of carelessness. He who sleeps must be so confident in himself that he reckons nothing is going to happen, whereas the watchful person puts no trust in his flesh at all. The self-confident one is prone to fall, for to boast that “I am different from yesterday” opens the way to failure. Only the person who deeply senses his own inadequacy will be watchful. Since the Lord has not told us the hour, let us ever be watchful and on guard.

    There is some question whether today we know when the Lord comes though not the actual hour, but possibly the day, because Israel is a nation again. I don't think we should disallow this consideration. At least be open to the possibility.
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    2. The Fall of Man

    Adam lived by the breath of life becoming spirit in him. By the spirit he sensed God, knew God’s voice, and communed with God. He had a very keen awareness of God. But after his fall his spirit died.

    When God spoke to Adam at the first He said, “in the day that you eat of it (the fruit of the tree of good and evil) you shall die” (Gen. 2.17). Adam and Eve nevertheless continued on for hundreds of years after eating the forbidden fruit. This obviously indicates that the death God foretold was not physical. Adam’s death began in his spirit.

    What really is death? According to its scientific definition, death is “the cessation of communication with environment.” Death of the spirit is the cessation of its communication with God. Death of the body is the cutting off of communication between spirit and body. So when we say the spirit is dead it does not imply there is no more spirit; we simply mean the spirit has lost its sensitivity towards God and thus is dead to Him. The exact situation is that the spirit is incapacitated, unable to commune with God. To illustrate. A dumb person has a mouth and lungs but something is wrong with his vocal cords and he is powerless to speak. So far as human language is concerned his mouth may be considered dead. Similarly Adam’s spirit died because of his disobedience to God. He still had his spirit, yet it was dead to God for it had lost its spiritual instinct. It is still so; sin has destroyed the spirit’s keen intuitive knowledge of God and rendered man spiritually dead. He may be religious, moral, learned, capable, strong and wise, but he is dead to God. He may even talk about God, reason about God and preach God, but he is still dead to Him. Man is not able to hear or to sense the voice of God’s Spirit. Consequently in the New Testament God often refers to those who are living in the flesh as dead.
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    2. Millennial Kingdom

    Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. Matthew 6.10

    We are to pray this: "Thy kingdom come!" If his kingdom would come of itself, we would not have been given that command. But God's people are to pray, for his work is done in response to their cry, "Thy will be done!" Yes, but where? "On earth," for this is the only place where today God's will is not done.

    Then how can God's kingdom be brought down here? By the created will, in union with the Uncreated Will, seeking the displacement of the rebellious will of the devil. For prayer is always three-sided. It involves someone prayed to, someone prayed for, and someone prayed against; and on earth there is someone to pray against-a will that is opposed to God's.

    Against that rebellious will, God will not act alone. He awaits our prayers. The Lord's Prayer is not just a model of prayer for me; it is the revelation of God's heart.