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    Calvinism is negligent homicide because the god of Calvinism could save all but doesn't. He is an impotent god because he can't even provide sufficient grace to anyone to give them the opportunity to be saved since if everyone were Totally depraved then the next step requires some be irresistibly selected and for the rest to be passed over, denied any recourse whatsoever. One who believes in such a god gratifies himself for things of the world that are gained with this horrific mentality and life-style choice.

    Imagine yourself in a situation where you see two kids playing in what effectively is quicksand and it seems like they are having fun. Little do they know the quicksand will take them down and they will perish. But what do you do? You extend not a stick to both of them to grab onto and plead with them to get out, but you put a hook on the end of a pole and yank one out while leaving the other to die. Next, you find several people are drowning after a cruise ship goes down, but not using all your resources to help them out, you mock and berate them with the words, you party goers.

    God's really been testing you lately. Selfishly you accuse still another, a child you find stuck in a well 40 feet down. You only give her a rope that goes 30 feet down then say to her to grab hold of it, and when she can't you berate her by saying, what's wrong with you? Talk about abusive! And last but not least, you have a co-worker who is doing something you are sure will get him fired, but instead of warning him the proper course of action he should take to rectify the situation, negligently you remain silent and watch him get fired. Perhaps you even benefit from this opportune situation.

    How is this any different than what Hitler did who treats the Jews this way from birth, destined for the gas chambers, and irresistibly imposing a salvation on the Aryan race? You know full well without the teachings of Calvinism Hitler could not have done what he did. I am grateful I don't have to spend eternity with such an evil tyrant and the evil adherents who blindly follow this negligent homicidal attitude.

    May these words help protect those who confront Calvinists and lead the Calvinist to Christ which requires his willingness to repent, reject and refuse Calvinism.

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