• Ye Know Not What Day Your Lord Doth Come - Matt. 24.42

    Watch therefore: for ye know not on what day your Lord cometh. Matthew 24.42.

    What is the significance of the word “watch”? The meaning of watching is not to be careless. How prone Christians are to be overly self-confident. Watchfulness is the very opposite of carelessness. He who sleeps must be so confident in himself that he reckons nothing is going to happen, whereas the watchful person puts no trust in his flesh at all. The self-confident one is prone to fall, for to boast that “I am different from yesterday” opens the way to failure. Only the person who deeply senses his own inadequacy will be watchful. Since the Lord has not told us the hour, let us ever be watchful and on guard.

    There is some question whether today we know when the Lord comes though not the actual hour, but possibly the day, because Israel is a nation again. I don't think we should disallow this consideration. At least be open to the possibility.
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