• Compare Prince William's DNA to DNA on the Shroud of Turin

    The Sudarium cloth that was on Jesus' face (John 20.7 "And the napkin, that was about his head") which arrive in Spain in the early 7th century from Palestine in a large silver tomb has the blood type of AB positive. 3% of the population have that blood type.

    The Shroud of Turin also has the blood type of AB positive.

    Prince William (Will "I AM" and whose name comes to 666 in Greek as King William V) is expected to be the Antichrist starting late 2015 after the Total Lunar Tetrad in 2014-2015 (Rev. 6.12) which falls on Passover or Tabernacles all four instances.

    Find out what Prince William's blood type is, then compare the DNA of both cloths and William's. Let me know what you find out because I am stuck!

    Do this for Harry also. Prince Charles has O Negative.

    A quick search of the web indicates that Princess Diana's
    blood type was AB. Apparently, O-type is recessive, so
    Prince William should also have type AB. Most interesting. - Mike Fischer

    It is true that the blood type on the Shroud was determined to be type AB, as was the blood on the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Lanciano miracle.

    However, according to blood experts, the enzymes responsible for the various blood types degrade dramatically over time until little if any remain present. The absence of these enzymes always yields the same result: blood type AB. Consequently, blood type is not really a valid point of comparision with other blood related ancient objects.

    Apparently, all old and degraded blood types turn to AB.

    I have no idea about the prince's blood type and have no way of finding out. Sorry.

    I hope this information is helpful and answers part of your question.

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    “In 1900, Karl Landsteiner, a physician in Vienna, Austria, noted that the sera of some individuals led to the ‘discovery’ of ABO blood types.” Essentially, he noted a distinct difference in viscosity or the clotting factors of blood. Later on his students “discovered” the AB blood type. The major blood types are AB,B,A,O; type O is the thinnest with the highest alkaline pH level, the next being type A. Type B is the thickest of the blood types, and is in about 10% of the populations, and type AB is of normal viscosity and is in about 2-4% of populations. Type AB has the strongest immune system of the blood types. For the purpose of this writing the focus will mainly be on the majority blood types; these thin blood types clearly show the types of poisons being put into the food and food chain.
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