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01-09-2017, 11:43 PM
New interview of Gary R. Habermas

Only Jesus claimed to be deity. Hindu scholars claim the Krishna never lived, but if he did, the earliest sources we have for him are 4200 years later. Hardly evidential.

The earliest surviving source we have of the NT is from Mark and the papyri dates from 80 AD. Another one is from 100 AD from John. Nothing compares in antiquity. For anything else it is hundreds if not thousands of years later for the earliest surviving source.

Thallus, historian, writes shortly after 50 AD about the darkness of an eclipse when Jesus died. Thallus is not Christian and is writing earlier than our earliest surviving papyri of Jesus. However, the 1st draft of the NT was written a few years after the cross except for Revelation, of course, written by John 95 AD.

Jesus is the only person in antiquity who does miracles with sources within a generation.