View Full Version : Does God Exist? and if so, Who is God?

05-26-2012, 04:17 AM
The reason I believe God exists is as follows...

There are trillions and trillions of cause and effects in nature and no hard evidence of something from nothing (non-existence), so I can therefore reasonably conclude based on this overwhelming preponderance of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that nature always abides in causation from something so that it it can't come from non-existence.

There also can't be an eternity of the past of cause and effects, because if there was you would by definition have had an eternity to come into being before now so you should have already happened before now. And you should never have existed because a past eternity would still be going on, thus never reaching this point.

Therefore, since nature can't come from nothing nor always have existed, nature needs a cause outside of itself, outside of time and space, being uncreated. This uncreated Creator is whom we call God. Therefore, theism is true and atheism is false.

Who then is this uncreated Creator God? Because God can't have morals below His created beings, He can't be impersonal and inaccessible like an absentee landlord. Only three religions qualify to be considered accessible or large enough in scope: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism.

Hinduism can't be true because the ultimate creator of Hinduism is Brahma who is said to be amoral which is below our own morality. And sin is never dealt with effectively through reincarnation because it is salvation by works. No amount of works could bridge the gap between an infinitely great God and a sinner.

Islam is false because it has no evidence for its claim six centuries later that Jesus never even went to the cross. Even if that were true it would still make their religion false because a true religion is one based on evidence, and a loving God would not ask you to believe things in blind faith. It is also salvation by works.

Without knowing anything else we know Jesus is God. The evidence was given because this is the only option left. But God doesn't stop there. He provides the resurrection proof. People don't willingly die for something they know is a lie and group hallucinations are impossible. Therefore, we know Jesus was resurrected. And not only is Christianity accessible, but personal as well, because the 2nd Person of the Godhead entered His creation personally to pay the ransom for mankind for forgiveness of sins. Put yourself in in the place of Jesus and imagine yourself giving your life for a family member to save them from sure death.

There is no greater love.