View Full Version : Exposing Jose Rivera a Leeist

05-12-2012, 07:39 PM
Jose Rivera (http://joserivera4321.wordpress.com/) is a Leeist. In other words, he harbors six major since of Witness Lee: 1) calvinism, 2) modalism, 3) suing Christians for faith, 4) violent screaming mantra, 5) calling themselves God, and 5) altering Watchman Nee's writings to try to make them agree with Witness Lee such as in The Spiritual Man changing the aspects of emotion (affection, desire, sensing/feeling) to love, hate, being affected (leaving out desire). Notice how "desire" is removed from Lee's version to control his adherents by removing any desire they may have.

The Bible clearly tells us that the day of Christ's coming and time, nobody knows. Not even the angels of heaven nor the Son, but only the Father (Matt. 24:36). Troy Brooks says that the Apocalypse will be the year 2015 to 2022 and the coming of Christ in 2022. Troy also said that the new heaven and new earth will be in the world Tuesday. How can people believe this kind of fantasy foreign to the Bible and then to say that believers in local churches are not genuine? How is it possible that how it is accepted interpretations but the sound teaching of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee is considered sectarian?

Let us not assume that we will forever not know. Certainly at the time of Jesus, the disciples did not know, for we are told we can't know when Jesus returns until Israel becomes a nation again when the "branch is tender" (Matt. 24.32). This would be fulfilled according to Ezekiel's prophecy on his side for 390 days that takes us to May, 1948. Verse 33 says we can "know" when Jesus returns even "right at the door".

The Apocalypse as you put it is not the full period of the Tribulation, not even the full portion of the last 42 months the Great Tribulation, but part of the 6th and 7th trumpets only.

The New Earth will be in the world Tuesday? Now you are just making stuff up.

The local outlets of Witness Lee's cult have a central command and control, which is not afforded to the body of Christ in the Scriptures. Rather, Apostles work regionally and appoint Elders of a locality. There is no Pope nor should the Biblical local churches be administered by the physical birth children of Witness Lee and their organization. You're sorely deluded.

Since Watchman Nee disagreed with these 6 major sins of Witness Lee, how can you associate Witness Lee with Watchman Nee?

Watchman Nee was OSAS Arminian, Trinitarian, did not sue over matters of faith, rejected gibberish babble and screaming mantra, rejected deification calling yourself God, and would not take kindly to his writings being altered by Witness Lee.

Fortunately, Watchman Nee's writings have been preserved at Christian Fellowship Publishers (white covers) and Christian Literature Crusade.

The Little Flock in China of Watchman Nee resoundingly reject Witness Lee and his heresies. Witness Lee was never born-again.