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03-31-2010, 07:11 AM
If the universe can't always have existed and can't just start up from nothing then logically what other possibility is there than there must be an uncreated Creator?

The most published atheist scholar of the 20th century Antony Flew turned theist in 2004. That's amazing. The guy everyone referred to is now a theist. But even Satan knows God exists so that still doesn't save a person. Simon Greenleaf the most famous lawyer of the 18th century who apparently produced more jurisprudence than all the lawyers in Europe combined said based on the evidence supplied in the Bible the burden of the proof is on the naysayer.

Since God exists He would not create and be inaccessible for what is the point in creating and then being an absentee landlord? Are God's morals below our own? 90+% of all world-views and religions comprise Christianity, Islam, Atheism/Agnosticism, and Hinduism/Buddhism.

H & B are false because you are not coming back as a chicken and B is usually atheist anyway. So the decision comes down to only C or I. Six centuries later, I said Jesus didn't die on the cross when nobody in the first two centuries suggested such a thing (that I am aware of).

It's amazing how easy it is to discern, there is just nothing out there that makes sense except Christianity. At least get in the ball game! The problem then becomes whose Christianity is right? Because God said many will say to Him, Lord, Lord and He will say He never knew them. Jesus spoke on Hell more than anyone in the Bible and as a place that will never end so it is real place to be eternally separated from God. God respects your decision and for free will to be truly free this place must exist. It also exists to keep the unsaved away from the saved.

Notice almost nobody in their 60's to 90's who did not believe in Christ ever does. Take for example, Antony Flew, even though he is now a theist, he is still not a Christian and he is really old now. People get so set in their ways, don't think that after a billion years in Hell you will want out of Hell. It is truly torment and punishment to be eternally separated from God; however, it is more painful to give your life to Christ at that point than to give up the control you have of yourself in Hell. It would be like coming out of the Matrix. Your soul couldn't take it, so you will just stay in Hell for eternity.

As hard as it is to give it up and as scary as you may think it is, believe me it is worth it. I for one have done so, so I can tell you when you come through that door on the other side it is an amazing feeling and that feeling never goes away. And it keeps getting better and better!

"What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him" (1 Cor. 2.9).