View Full Version : What are the 3 Denominations in Satanism?

08-03-2009, 02:58 PM
There are 3 denominations in Satanism. What are they?

1) If you are a good Satanist, keeping their works and rules, you get to be reborn again as someone else. Reminds me of Hinduism.

2) When you die, Hell is not a place you go to be punished, but whatever you enjoyed in this life you will experience a thousand times more when you get there. Reminds me of Islam with their 72 virgins.

3) If you were a good Satanist you get to reign with Satan on earth after the battle of Armageddon. Reminds me of the Antichrist's false promises.

People think such things because they are not happy in their lives. Their ideas reflect their spiritual, mental and emotional condition. It reflects their separation from God and Jesus Christ.

Such unhappiness is similar to how people think they are speaking to dead people, to fill a hole in their hearts. Some even think they make contact with their own doppelganger from another universe (called quantum leaping) that gives them some intuitive revelation they apply to their lives at some future point to make that demonic suggestion real to them and place trust in it in the future for more self-centered revelation. Satan gives them the hook and reals them in. Wayne Dyer teaches this stuff too, but draped in my psychological terminology. It's the same thing though. He still rejects Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. There is no other name under heaven by which one can be saved; the only to the Father is through the Son, God the Son.

But the Bible says, dead people are asleep and they are resting awaiting resurrection to be given new spiritual bodies. God only actualizes one universe.

The other dimensions are:

Hell (lake of fire),
the Pit (Abyss or the Deep),
Hades or Sheol (timeless unawares or soul sleep-good and bad sides),
Outer Darkness (loss of rewards for believers),
Millennial Kingdom (reign on Earth for the 1000 years, not really a dimension, that precedes the New City on the New Earth), and
New City on the New Earth (where Heaven and Earth come together in the New Heaven-same universe that we see now, just made new because living on the New Earth which will be Mars, without water, is viewed from a different perspective).
Scientifically this is fact and agrees with Scripture Earth will be without a sea, but the New Earth will also be without the sea.