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07-05-2009, 06:20 PM
Under the distinction of Gods three persons question, I believe it is prideful and sinful to profess that our Lord has three separate personalities and pretend to fully understand the Godhead and force others to comply. Simply put, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

Just to let your know your username was not approved for only Jesus is the manna-man. Not man. But you are welcome to join with a humbler more realistic username. Lots of modalists think they are God or a God-Man or God in life and nature. Only God is God in life and nature, for there is none other.

You are not forced to comply when you answer the questions, for you can still be a member while disagreeing. Why assume otherwise? I thought you proclaimed to be humble and non-assuming?

The Word was with God is referring to the Word was with God the Father. The Word was God is referring to Jesus being in the Godhead of 3 Persons.

God's 3 Persons indicate His complexity, something we can't understand which takes humility, but pride comes in when you go all modalistic on God and box Him in. His 3 Persons or Personalities are words not to be used in human terms of understanding, but rather are referring to His personableness and relational nature. He has diversity in unity. Whereas in Modalism there is no diversity, only cold unity. This is one way you can know someone is a Christian or not as the Church never taught Modalism.

I believe it would be more of a fair question to ask a participant of this forum does he or she indeed believe John 1:1. Yes or No. period. You see, I believe Jesus is God because John 1 says so. I have to either accept John 1 or not. It's either Yes or No.

I think that would be the wrong question to ask, because obviously, they may say they agree, but in fact they do not agree like you misread God's word and who God is.

Realize you don't believe in Jesus Christ because you claim He is the Father when John 1 is not saying that. Like Calvinists found their "apparent" loophole or Mormons found theirs, you find yours. But none of you guys are born-again, none of you can back the gods you worship. You'll never repent of modalism in all likelihood and that makes me very sad for you. I say this only because that is the stark reality of so many souls going to Hell.

I can not conform to anyone elses vision of who and what God is because my experiences with God have unveiled Christ as my reality.
Don jr.

You have unveiled to me Christ is not your reality for you worship a false Christ. Never in Scripture do you find that Son is the Father, the Father is the Spirit or the Spirit is the Son or that the Godhead is a Person rather than 3 Persons. Pray on this. Amen.