View Full Version : Sound Advice for Leeists

02-02-2008, 11:58 AM
My first advice to help leeists is to ask them to be intellectually honest with themselves at the very least. In the matter of their thinking the Son is the Father and the Godhead is a Person rather than 3 Persons they should ask themselves where evidence for their theory exists and why change Christianity after all these centuries?

They want to feel special with their special teaching and revelation to self-exalt themselves above mankind and God, but if their thoughts can't be proven, they are receiving teaching from the evil spirit whom is Satan to separate themselves from God wittingly or unwittingly. Self-declarations are deadly points of pride.

Recall Satan tries to replicate God's design and plans, for the Devil is the great deceiver. Satan, the false accuser, feels God's design is a cosmic gag reel for God's own sadistic pleasure, by placing everything in opposites: look but don't touch, touch but don't taste, taste but don't swallow. Satan suffers from his own mistaken assumptions about reality through his initial disobedience to the Triune Godhead. The truth of his mistaken assumption, of course, is that sin is so nefarious it penetrates all things and confuses proper order in relationship with God that it appears everything is placed in opposites, but it is not the case at all. There is no yin yang. The truth would be in some cases look but don't taste, touch but don't taste, taste but don't swallow.

Since we find in the Bible evidence for the Father being a distinct personage from the Son and the Spirit before the foundations of the world then a Christian holds no assumptions and accepts plainly what the Scriptures tell us that God is a Triune Being of One Substance. Leeists, on the other hand, suffer greatly by their assumptions in their 6 major sins of leeism (http://www3.telus.net/trbrooks/lsmlccult.htm).

The same test of faith can be observed in other areas as well such as these false teachings they harbor: screaming mantra, suing for faith, bearing false witness (e.g. against Watchman Nee's writings), calvinism (claiming they were premade for salvation like robots), calling themselves God (deification) and central-command and control of all their outlets under the ownership of The Local Living Stream Ministry Church.

Remember, according to Biblocality in the Scriptures, there is no central command, but apostles are regional workers. Not only is the Roman Church wrong so is the The Local Church for their divisive centrality. Do not divide the body of Christ by theories of men: "I of Apollos" or "I of Cephas," (denoms) nor even "I of Christ" (non-denoms); the church locale has no central command apart from Christ Himself. The Biblical locality is within a region of churches only, e.g. church of Jerusalem in the churches of Judea, the church of Ephesus in the churches of Asia Minor, or the church of Antioch in the churches of Syria.

There is no evidence in God's Word for the LLSMC teachings, and evidence exists for these ideas being false, so they should be rejected. The prayers of the body of Christ is for your acceptance of the truth.

You may reasonably ask why there is the regional aspect of "churches" but no central command of all regions. It is because God knows man's flesh too well that if such power were to exist it would easily be corrupted. So for now, there are apostles for a region of churces ONLY! The church is a city of believers. The region is many cities of believers. And the universal or catholic (not referring to the Roman Church) church is all believers on the planet. In the LLSMC their central operations isolate their outlets from spiritual reality.