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01-18-2008, 05:03 PM
At first, I am Korean, 37 year-old man.
I want to have a conversation with administrator by mail.
I left the local church (witness Lee's) 7 years ago.
I really hope to build the biblical church in Korea.
If there are your members in Korea , I'd like to contact them as soon as possible to have fellowship.
I clearly saw the problem of Witness Lee's church
and I found your site by chance. I think this is the God's mercy on me.
because of the lack of my english , I didn't fully check your site but I agree to the problem of local church you mentioned
I even don't know how to do , What to do.
I want to learn the truth by you and above all I hope the bibical churches are built everwhere in Korea
I really think witness lee's church is cult . I origially was regenerated in the Presbyterian Church. and read the watchman nee's book , spiritual man.
At that time, I thouht the local church is the church produced by watchman nee's ministry
I realized the local church is the cult 10 years later (7 years ago)

Please, don't forget to take care of saints in Korea !
from lonely member of the body of Christ, english name , Zech

Amen brother. Remember, the Presbyterian church is calvinist (not the church-body of Christ) which means they believe falsely as do leeists that God premade people for salvation, that is, some people are chosen for salvation without consideration first for their choice to come to the cross. Therefore, that then becomes the pride of assumed salvation, rather than having the choice of repenting to the cross authentically (by the gift and grace of being made in God's image not totally deprave) as a helpless sinner to be saved by grace.

06-30-2009, 03:15 AM
Hey Zech, I have one question to ask you. You mentioned that you left the Lord's Recovery, what congregation are you involved with now? Who are you having fellowship with?