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11-13-2006, 12:39 PM
Some Facts of God of the Bible

Documenting Antiquity

Claudius the Emperor of Rome who reigned and died 11 years after Jesus died. Only 10 people wrote of his doings within 150 years of his death.

Compare that to Jesus, in which we have 42 writers within 150 years of his death. About a third were non-Christian.

Notice too that Julius Caesar within 150 years of his death, only 5 writers wrote about his military conquests.

The point of this is that for the standard of the day, the documentation is more amply supplied of His death, deity and resurrection than some of the most popular people in antiquity.

Not only this but the earliest still preserved papyrus’ still exist within about 70 years of His death. For others, we are talking hundreds and in some cases thousands of years apart.

Are you a Sinner Needing Salvation?

Consider that nothing in nature happens all by itself (all things have a cause), so therefore the uncreated must have created. The question then becomes Who Created? Since none can compare the glory of Jesus living His life sinless, and He clearly said many times He is God, therefore He did not lie to you.

His atonement was real. You really are a sinner, because He said so, the law proves it that you can not keep the law, since you keep breaking it all the time. If you break even one small part of it, you have violated the law of God. So you really do need to be saved, otherwise this sin leads to death and the second death which is hell. God very lovingly keeps the unsaved away from the saved for eternity.

You would need the perfect sacrifice to substitute for your sins to be sin for you so that you may be forgiven by God and presentable to Him as cleansed by the Holy Spirit. If you believe in what Jesus did for you, you will be saved. You will still have sin, but are being perfected day by day for the new city in the new earth, whereas the unsaved still have not entered into the new creation by receiving new birth.

Death Will Not Release You

Since you are made in God’s image, you can not be annihilated. God’s image is never destroyed. For over 13.7 billion years God had a plan to make man in His image and it was done about 6000 years ago when the first God-conscious man was created in Adam. He made him man, male and female.

Since you can not be annihilated, then you will be resurrected. The question is, are you going to be resurrected to judgment for Christians or judgment at the Great White Throne for hell.

Group Sizes Witnessing Jesus Resurrected

There were 11 different group settings where Jesus was seen resurrected. They died for Him as martyrs for this testimony. Many of the apostles in the next generation were also put to their death for faith in Christ. This is all documented by early Christian writers and non-Christian writers.

Today we stand up for how wrong this was and why people killed men of faith, because they hated God’s children and were jealous.

Prophecies Fulfilled

There are documented in the Scriptures about 62 prophecies which Jesus fulfilled which the odds of fulfilling are less than 1 in a trillion, so Jesus must be God.

Religio-Historical Context

40 writers over 1500 years were in complete agreement. There is no greater harmony ever seen directed at one man who is Jesus Christ who said “It is finished” on the cross.

If God were to reveal Himself in His creation, this is how you would expect that He would do it.