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10-14-2006, 06:35 PM
I am part of the Local church. And as I was reading your things I noticed that you got them from the ministry of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. But you guys are using this ministry as your own, and that is not lawful. You can be asked to go to a judge just becuase you are doing that. For example, that teaching about the overcomers is just Brother Lee´s speaking. Tell me brother, Where you in the church anytime? If you were, what happened to you brother. Your heard that we "are God in life and in nature, but not in the GODHEAD". But now are saying that that is not what the Bible really teach. You also heard that the church is one universaly, and many localy. That is why you talk about "Bibliolocality".

You have to study, that a local church needs to be in the unique fellowship of the Body of Christ. That if it isolates it will become a local sect.

Sorry to tell you brother that you are not pure. You are doing a mixture, but the Lord Recobery is PURE. So if you are in a city where the church is stabliched you need to go meet with them, otherwise you are still a local Sect.

I do not have anything to say to you. What do you have to say? Am I not right?
We don't use anything from Witness Lee because his teachings are false. That's why the Watchman Nee page is CFP & CLC (http://www3.telus.net/trbrooks/Watchman_Nee.htm).

And nothing we use from CFP & CLC is used as our own either. So your accusation is wrong. The teaching about overcomers is Watchman Nee's and the Bible's for Rev. 2 & 3 which says "overcometh".

Witness Lee's view of overcoming is not the same as Watchman Nee's for W. Lee has the 6 major sins of Leeism that Watchman Nee nor the Bible teach.

If you would like to take mo to court about this, I can prove it all in court with Biblical evidence you are in a cult just as Paul had a right to defend himself too against his accusers (though he never too anyone to court): http://www3.telus.net/trbrooks/lsmlccult.htm.

We do not overcome by these 6 sins. I am in the church, the body of Christ, for I have received God's gift of eternal life. I was never in your system, never even went to one of its meetings.

Always the Bible agrees you are not God in life or nature. You are appreciating the power of question 3 at registration that addresses this. That's a first step for you to receive deliverance from The Local Church cult.

A church locality does not become a sect if it is isolated, for God wants its isolation; that is to say, to be an independent unit for the church. It would become a sect if its particular teaching spread to other locales, then those group of locales would be a sect, not unlike a denom.

You're not pure that you would find a problem with I have told you. And you provide no reasoning to substantiate your hostilities. The mixture of your false teachings don't agree with God's Word, nor Watchman Nee's writings.

I fellowship both at my meeting place and the Scriptural city I live in. If you don't like that I do this, that doesn't matter to me, for you are in a cult.

Don't say you don't have anything to say to me after having said something to me. That is the notorious doubletongue (1 Tim. 3.8). To your question about whether you are right or not, definitely you are not right.

It is not that the truth is unreasonable, but it is unloved.

p.s. would you do me a favor and use the spell checker for your email program or at this forum if you choose to respond. That would be considerate. Thanks.