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  1. Prophecy Fulfilled About Israel
  2. "The Coming Prince"
  3. Barack Hussein Obama and King William V
  4. The Colt is like the Gentiles and the Ass is like the Jews
  5. The Return of Israel before Christ Returns
  6. Israel and Prophet Proof - Part 1
  7. What did Jesus really look like?
  8. Tetrad Lunar Eclipses in 2014-15 Occur Just Before the Tribulation
  9. The Third Temple is Being Built Right Before Our Eyes
  10. We Cannot Live in a World with Iran Having Nuclear Weapons
  11. Why is Jesus Going to Return Before the Year 2023?
  12. Lunar Tetrad (1949/50, 1967/68, 2014/15), Daniel's Prophecy and Barack Obama
  13. Is the Tribulation 7 Years Long? Is There a Rapture?
  14. When Does the Tribulation Start? When Does Jesus Stand on the Mount of Olives?
  15. The False Prophet has Two Horns
  16. Amazing Numbers for the Tribulation 2015-22
  17. A Possible Scenario for the Rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem
  18. The Dome on the Rock Has to be Destroyed or Torn Down by 2014
  19. The Amazing Evidence of Prophecies to Lead People to Christ
  20. Prince Charles of Wales is the Antichrist
  21. Who is the Antichrist and the False Prophet?
  22. 1040 Days of Sacrifice + 1290 Days of Desolation
  23. Satan Transforms Himself into an Angel of Light
  24. The 10 Horns or Kings and the 7 Heads of the Beast Out of the Sea
  25. Sunni Mahdi is not the Same as the Shiite Mahdi
  26. Muhammad's Dream About the Shiites and Sunnis
  27. Zechariah 5 - The Two Women, the Basket and the Lead Cover
  28. 7 Year Preparatory Period of Plenty from 2016 to 2023
  29. Satan in Revelation 17.12 Trying to Copy Zechariah 8.23
  30. 70 Jewish Years Equals 69 Gentile Years
  31. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
  32. The Oil Situation Agrees with the 2015-22 Tribulation
  33. Underground Tunnels and Nuclear Fallout Shelters Across United States
  34. Niall Ferguson, the Tribulation and the Antichrist
  35. Invasion of Israel (Map)
  36. Mark Twain, Barack Hussein Obama, #44 and the Mysterious Stranger Satan
  37. The First to Discover the Tribulation Timeline
  38. Trying to Disprove the Tribulation Sept. 14, 2015 to Aug. 7, 2022
  39. The Vatican will be Nuked in the First Half of the Tribulation
  40. Why is the Antichrist the 8th and his number 666? (Rev. 17.11)
  41. Spiritual Confirmation of the Tribulation
  42. Haiti 2010 vs Japan 2011 Earthquake
  43. The Amazing Trifecta of Signs for When Jesus Returns Aug. 7, 2022
  44. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCO) of Bees
  45. Blueprints for the Third Temple from the Temple Institute
  46. The Temple of God
  47. When Did Jesus Say He Would Return?
  48. Dumbing-Down by Claiming You Can't Know When Jesus Returns
  49. How Do Roman Catholics Misread the Bible about the 1000 Years?
  50. The Second Fulfilment of the 2300 Days (Dan. 8.14,17,26)
  51. Daniel's Seventy Sevens
  52. Rejecting the Apostles and Rejecting When Jesus Returns
  53. Dispensational 'Tests' - the 7 Dispensations of Chiliasm
  54. Ye Know Not What Day Your Lord Doth Come - Matt. 24.42
  55. Perimeter of Raised Platform in the Temple Mount is 2016 Feet - Completed by 2016
  56. How Do We Know When Jesus Returns?
  57. The Antichrist to Take Over England, Ireland and Scotland
  58. Let's Say if You have More than $250,000 You Go to Hell
  59. The Plan to Invade Iran is Already Planned Out
  60. Is the Tribulation from Feast of Trumpets to Day of Atonement?
  61. We Know When the Tribulation Takes Place
  62. Will Jesus Return by 2023?
  63. Did Jesus Confirm a Covenant for 7 Years Split Up by Two 3 1/2 Year Periods?
  64. The Royal Family Tried to Make Diana Isis
  65. The Darkening at the End of the Tribulation is Not Caused by Eclipses
  66. Matthew 24.33 is Perhaps the Most Bible Verse of Prophecy
  67. Of Course Nero is the Antichrist Who Will be Resurrected
  68. What Does B.E.A.S.T. Stand For?
  69. What Will Washington Look Like in the Great Tribulation?
  70. The Planets are in 1/3 of the Quadrant in Our Solar System from June 6 - July 7, 2022
  71. Many False Christians Will Accept the Antichrist is Jesus
  72. The Mistake of Making Matthew 24.29 and Rev. 6.12 to be One and the Same
  73. The Tender Branch of the Fig Tree Represents Israel or the Abomination of Desolation?
  74. 1967 or 1969 marks the decree to rebuild?
  75. The Falsle Prophet Will Do Three Things
  76. Palestine is Now a State by the UN
  77. Weapons of Mass Destruction - Syria, Iraq and Russia
  78. Israel Controls 82% of the West Bank
  79. Lord Rotchild is Shorting the Euro for at least $200 million
  80. I Now Understand Money for the First Time in My Life and What is Going to Happen
  81. Barack Obama is Engaged in Child Sacrifices
  82. Serious Concern about the Start of the Tribulation Feast of Trumpets Sept. 14, 2015
  83. The Giants are Returning
  84. I Have Some Questions About the Total Lunar Tetrad and Revelation 6.12
  85. The Fringe TV Series and the Mark of the Beast
  86. The Next Pope is the 666th Pope According to Roman Numerals
  87. Obama's Top Pick to Head the CIA is a Muslim
  88. The Last Pope - Saint Malachy's The Prophecy of the Popes
  89. A class III device; or ĎĎa class II device that is implantable"
  90. 1948
  91. The Last Pope Knows the Malachy Prophecy
  92. 20 Prophecies Jesus Returns Soon
  93. The Math Does Not Lie When Jesus Returns (Rev. 3.3)
  94. Why Am I Torn Between 2015-22 and 2022-29 for the Tribulation?
  95. What Does the Bible Say About Bitcoin?
  96. Why is Tisha B'Av Av 9 Significant?
  97. What is the Most Dangerous Entity on Earth?
  98. God's Lock Tumbler of Daniel's Final Seven
  99. 7 Years to Build Solomon's Temple
  100. Exposing Lamb & Lion Minstires AKA Living on Borrowed Time (Youtube)
  101. CIA Says End of Israel by 2022
  102. Radioactive Planet
  103. Dollar Collapse 2013-15 (Dollar Index Going Below 70 by 2015)
  104. Speculating About Events Before the Tribulation Starts
  105. United States Plans on Taking Out 7 Countries (General Wesley Clark)
  106. Barack was Born on Tisha B'Av and Connected to the 2014, 2015 Tetrad
  107. Israel Will Never Lose Her Land This Time
  108. Why Could Jesus Not Return Until the 21st Century?
  109. I am Amazed at How Oblivious Christians are to 3 Signs that Commence the Tribulation
  110. Do You Have Any Insight to Lend to Signs that Follow Revelation 6.12?
  111. Why is the Internet so Powerful? and Rapidly Accelerating Christ's Return
  112. Super Blood Moon
  113. A Nuclear Holocaust is Inevitible Because of Evil People
  114. Hanukah and Thanksgiving on the Same Day in 2013. What does it all mean?
  115. September 13, 2015 Elul 29 the Dollar Index Will Collapse
  116. Collectivism of Christ vs. the Collectivism of the Wealthy
  117. The Koran Says Palestine Belongs to the Jews
  118. Elul 29
  119. A Nuclear Bomb as per Rev. 17.16 will Blow up the Vatican According to Malachy
  120. The Sign of the Son of Man Matthew 24.30
  121. Mark Biltz is Confused
  122. Israel is Growing Fast
  123. Iran or Elam is Going to be Utterly Destroyed but then Restored
  124. When is the Tribulation and When Does Jesus Return?
  125. April 13, 2029 Asteroid Apophis
  126. Elam, Southern Iran, Will be Destroyed - Jeremiah 49.34-39
  127. The Modern Manifestation of Shemitah
  128. The Mystery of Tisha B'Av Av 9
  129. Temple in Brazil Only Took 4 Years to Build
  130. Tisha B'Av the 9th Day of Av
  131. Apophis April 13, 2029. If an Impact Occurs 1 in 80,000 Years
  132. My Letter to Tektonics.org About the Tetrads (He wrote a book against the Tetrads)
  133. Premillennialism vs. Amillennialism
  134. Revelation 6.12 Signs Before the Tribulation
  135. How Could Anyone Think the 1000 Years Already Happened or is Happening Now? Shameful
  136. Daniel 9.24 Israel is Still in Rebellion and Transgressions (Hos. 1.9)
  137. Who Confirmed a Covenant for One 'Seven'?
  138. The Dress Rehearsal for the Tribulation
  139. 911 7th Year, 7th Day, 7th Hour from the 777 drop on the DJIA on Elul 29, 2008
  140. The Earliest Church Fathers Were Premillennial
  141. The Destruction of Elam Otherwise Known as Iran
  142. 7 Years of Plenty Before the 7 Year Tribulation
  143. Bye Bye Palestine
  144. If You Don't Know When Jesus Returns, You Aren't Being Watchful! (Rev. 3.3)
  145. Great Earthquake, Black Sackcloth Sun, Red Blood Moon - Signs Before Jesus Returns
  146. Question: Do You Think 2015-22 is the 7 Years of Plenty or Was It 2009-15?
  147. Are You a Date Setter? Good! God Encourages Correct Date Setting from Him
  148. Are Enoch and Elijah the Two Witnesses?
  149. China is Screwed by all their Waste!
  150. Rev. 19.1-4 Shows Why the 24 Elders Can't be The Church
  151. Tetrads, Shemita Years, and Jubilee Years
  152. Is USA in the Bible during the Tribulation?
  153. A Question About the 7 Years of Plenty as it Relates to the Equity Markets
  154. Total Solar Eclipse Black as Sackcloth of Hair
  155. 200 Million Man Army Now Feasible - Revelation 9.16
  156. How do You Determine When the Tribulation Starts?
  157. When do the Two Witnesses Enoch, Elijah start Preaching Judgement in the 7 year Trib?
  158. False Christians Reject Prophetic Word of God - Robert Rombough, Edmonton, Alberta
  159. Why is Perry Stone Wrong about who the Antichrist and False Prophet are?
  160. 7 Years of Abundance before 7 years of Tribulation Famine
  161. How Many Plain Vanilla Tetrads are There per Century?
  162. Question for Jonathan Cahn
  163. The Tribulation from 2023 to 2030
  164. Jonathan Cahn is Wrong about the Shemitah Years and Jubilee Years
  165. How are Jonathan Cahn and Jeff Berwick Wrong about the Jubilee and Shemitah?
  166. Confusing the Antichrist with the Roman Catholic Church
  167. Love!
  168. How is Godís work of judgment carried out?
  169. Jonathan Cahn and Mark Biltz are False Prophets
  170. The Tribulation is Agenda 2030
  171. Revelation 3.3 Says You Can Known When Jesus Returns
  172. Revelation 6.2 and Ezekiel 39.3
  173. Massive Oil Find in Golan Heights
  174. 46 Prophecies of the Antichrist
  175. Why Does Satan Want to Destroy the 3rd Temple Even Though He Will Fail to Do So?
  176. How will Christians be Martyred in the Tribulation?
  177. What Comes Next after Revelation 6.12?
  178. Israel is Sinning Immensely not Reclaiming the Temple Mt. to Rebuild the 3rd Temple
  179. Revelation 6.12 Great Earthquake in Japan 2011 and Haiti 2010
  180. 7 Years of Plenty Followed by 7 Years of Famine
  181. The Book of Enoch Exposed
  182. Barack Obama the Antichrist Mahdi
  183. Dirty Nuclear Bomb Upon the Vatican City
  184. Who is Going to be that Final Great Deceiver?
  185. The Sun is Darkened At the End of the Tribulation NOT Before the Tribulation
  186. People Try to Change the Meaning of Hell to Escape God's Wrath
  187. Discipline Heb. 12.5-6
  188. Something Bad is Going to Happen to United States According to Isaiah 9 (Parallel)
  189. Have You Left Your First Love?
  190. Bitcoin Needs the Mark of the Beast to Make it Work
  191. Why Would a Good God Send People to an Everlasting Hell? by Paul Copan
  192. Bull Market to 2023 Based on the Bible