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  1. Metaphors for Physical Death and Soul Sleep Should Not be Confused with Annihilation
  2. Soul Sleep
  3. The Pit (Below Hades)
  4. The Bad Side of Hades - Place of Torment
  5. Are You Clear What the Bible Says?
  6. Understanding Soul Sleep
  7. Mary, Where Are You? Are You Awake or Asleep?
  8. Gregory A. Miller Misunderstands Soul Sleep
  9. Nobody is Resurrected Yet. Be Patient
  10. There are So Many Verses that Support Soul Sleep. Here's Another...
  11. Will the Unsaved Change Their Minds After They Die?
  12. Misusing 2 Corinthians 5.8
  13. Paradise Below and Paradise Above, Hades, Hell, Sheol, Pit, Abaddon, Grave, Dead