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  1. The 24 Archangels
  2. Two Opposite Errors About About Devils
  3. The Procedure and Methodology of Satan's Deception
  4. Lucifer's Jewelled Garden existing before the Garden of Eden
  5. 6 Evidences for the Existence of Satan
  6. Guardian Angels are Given only to Believers
  7. Who Was Michael?
  8. Genetic Manipulation - Daniel 2.43
  9. The Word of God is like the Verdict of the Supreme Court
  10. Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons Don't Have a Body
  11. Prayer and Warfare
  12. Spiritual Warfare
  13. Something to Guard Against in Spiritual Warfare
  14. The Attacks of Satan
  15. The Principle of the Mind Aiding the Spirit
  16. A Mind Under the Attack of Evil Spirits
  17. What is the Path to Freedom? The Knowledge of the Truth
  18. The Recovery of Ground
  19. Overcoming Death in the Teachings of Proverbs
  20. The Disassociative Mind is the Wrong Diagnosis for Spirit Communications
  21. Prayer and Warfare
  22. Psalm 8.2 and Matt. 21.16 - Out of the Mouth o fBabes and Sucklings
  23. Isaiah 53 is the Most Quoted Chapter of the Old Testament About Jesus
  24. Make No Provision for the Flesh (Rom. 13.14)
  25. The Dangers of Being Soulish (Living by the Soul Life not the Spirit Life)
  26. Baptized by the Evil Spirit
  27. In Battling the Enemy
  28. A Mind Under the Attack of Evil Spirits