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  1. Do Not Inquire After Their Gods
  2. deism
  3. The Case for Christ
  4. James Arminius believed in OSAS
  5. Which Group Do You Fall Under?
  6. The Old Creation
  7. Apparent Biblical Inconsistencies
  8. Randi owes $1,000,000
  9. More heresies
  10. God's Law of Life
  11. Circumstantial Evidence
  12. Zoroastrianism
  13. Correct Understanding
  14. Circumstantial Evidence
  15. Examing Watchman Nee
  16. The Big Choice
  17. Watchman Nee Helps a Non-OSASer
  18. Principles of Finding Evidence
  19. Why do you keep asking if God exists?
  20. Christ My Sanctification by Watchman Nee
  21. Some Facts of God of the Bible
  22. Strong Evidence
  23. Early Secular Accounts of Jesus' Death
  24. The Biggest Issue With the Unsaved
  25. UFO's and the Rapture
  26. Jesus Did It! He really did it! We will be raised too!
  27. The Minimal Facts Approach
  28. Undeniable Evidence for Christ
  29. Competing Messiahs
  30. Mithra
  31. When was the Bible Written? (evidence found in Hebrews)
  32. 129 Facts of Jesus Christ: The Fulfillment of Prophecy
  33. Can You Find Fault With My Reasoning About Jesus?
  34. 4 Step Proof for God & Minimal Facts Approach
  35. Mithra and Jesus
  36. John Testifies Seeing Jesus Resurrected
  37. Gary R. Habermas & Antony Flew
  38. The Four E's
  39. Revelation
  40. Jesus Christ - A Name Unlike Any Other
  41. How Do You Prove Jesus is God and God is Uncreated?
  42. Most Critical Scholars Believe These Facts
  43. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear!
  44. Did Christ Jesus Say He is God?
  45. Tim Callahan, Skeptics Magazine
  46. Infidel Guy vs Gary R. Habermas (2008 audio)
  47. If You Think You are a Christian...
  48. Zeitgeist Refuted
  49. Dating the Gospels
  50. 5 Basic Proofs of Christianity
  51. The Minimal Facts of Paul's Trustworthiness
  52. Number of Manuscripts of the New Testiment
  53. Six Tests for Accepting a Historical Claim
  54. Horus, Mithra, Krishna - Zeitgeist Response
  55. Socrates, Hamlet and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  56. When Was the NT Written?
  57. Does Man Have a Spirit, Soul and Body?
  58. Claiming You Have to Be God to Know if God Exists
  59. Grief Hallucinations
  60. The Apostles Knew Each Other
  61. Minimal
  62. Historicity of Jesus
  63. 1st Century - Clement of Rome Reports on Martyrdom of Peter and Paul
  64. Compare Caesar, Tiberius and Jesus 150 Years After Their Deaths
  65. C.S. Lewis - The Good Teacher
  66. 2nd and 3rd Generation Apostles
  67. Eyewitness Testimony of Mark, Peter and John
  68. External Evidences: Writings Outside the New Testament
  69. 15 Reasons Why Luke and Acts were written before 65 AD
  70. Stories or Real Life? C.S. Lewis
  71. Corroborating Paul in First Corinthians
  72. Early Greek Manuscripts
  73. Early Citations
  74. Early Dates for the Bible
  75. The Persecution Under Nero of Paul and Peter
  76. The Telephone Game
  77. Critiquing Jeff Jay Lowder and Farrell Till about Mara Bar-Serapion
  78. Why Don't We Find any Writings Written When Jesus was Still Alive?
  79. Anti-Nicene Fathers Thought Jesus Would Return on a Sunday
  80. I Don't Want You to Go to Hell!!!
  81. Clear Thinking
  82. When Were Paul and Peter Martyred?
  83. Resurrection of Jesus
  84. Embellishment Theory
  85. Original Sources for Plato, Aristotle, Tacitus and Jesus
  86. Jesus Has More Sources than Any Ten Persons from Antiquity
  87. The Father Plans, the Son Creates and Inherits, and the Spirit Accomplishes, Renews
  88. Man is So Much Less Forgiving and Merciful than Man is Towards Man
  89. John the Baptist Thought Jesus was God
  90. Those Who Reject Through His Atonement the Cross of Christ Will Go to Hell (Phil. 3)
  91. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are Going to Hell
  92. Trusting God's Word
  93. What were the Four Criteria for Books to be Included in the New Testament?
  94. Are Jesus' Claims Unique Among the Religions of the World?
  95. Unless You Believe Who I Say I Am You Will Die in Your Sins - John 8.24
  96. The Minimal Facts Approach Stated Simply
  97. The Intimacy of God of the Bible Unlike Other Faiths
  98. Daniel B. Wallace vs. Bart D. Erhman - Can We Trust the Text of the New Testament?
  99. Why Do I Believe God Exists and Jesus is God?
  100. Why Can't the Uncreated be Uncreated?
  101. The NT Writings Were Written Very Early
  102. Does God Exist? and if so, Who is God?
  103. Daniel B. Wallace Destroys Bart Erhman
  104. Making Headway With an Agnostic
  105. There is No Naturalistic Explanation for the Eyewitness Testimony of the Apostles
  106. Lawrence Krauss, Richard Carrier vs. Frank Turek 10 Reasons Why the NT is True
  107. Full salvation delivers a believer out of himself and into God
  108. Polycarp and Papias Were Students of John and Clement of Rome Knew Peter Personally
  109. Filling Naturalism's Void - AVI 63 MB - by Gary R. Habermas
  110. Gary R. Habermas at the Be Thinking Conference on the Resurrection
  111. Jesus Papyri
  112. The Moon is 400x Closer to Earth than the Sun is and...
  113. Joseph Atwill's Caesar's Messiah
  114. Aren't All Religions Basically the Same?
  115. Why am I a Theist and not an Atheist, and not just Any Kind of Theist
  116. Why Am I a Christian?
  117. Why Christians are Christians
  118. Since God is Proven to Exist, Where Has God Revealed Himself in Nature?
  119. A Question was Asked Does Religion Make the World a Better Place?
  120. Only Christianity Makes Sense
  121. Why Have I Lost All Respect for Gary R. Habermas?
  122. Science Proves an Eternity of the Past is Impossible
  123. Why I Believe Atheists are Going to Hell
  124. Why Mary Mother of Jesus does not Qualify as a Group Hallucination
  125. The Lost Tomb of Jesus
  126. The God Solution Show
  127. Jesus Claimed to be God in All 4 Gospel Accounts
  128. Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins are Going to Hell for All Eternity
  129. Lionel Luckhoo Won 245 Cases in a Row
  130. I like to Use the Minimal Facts Approach - Simple and Succinct
  131. Answers to Legends Theory
  132. How to Have a Higher Probability of Giving Your Life to Christ
  133. Manuscript Evidence Unparalleled
  134. My Awesome Letter to Matt Dillahunty to Help Lead Him to Christ
  135. Pew Research and the Little FLock (Luke 12.32)
  136. If God Made the Universe, Who Made God? by Paul Copan
  137. Stephen Hawking is Not Too Bright!
  138. Lawrence Krauss is a Clown
  139. Who did God Create the Universe?
  140. My Email to Dan Barker the Atheist - Why He is Going to Hell According to the Bible
  141. Guinness World Records - Best Evidence Case for the Resurrection of Jesus
  142. Make Straight His Path for Jesus our God
  143. John Dominic Crossan, Anthony Flew, Bart Ehrman, Marcus Borg
  144. Which Faith is True?
  145. When was Jesus Crucified?
  146. James, the brother of Jesus, was Clubbed and Stonned to Death for His Faith in Jesus
  147. I Don't Believe the Universe Always Existed or Started Up from Nothing
  148. There are No Contemporary Sources for Jesus Outside the Gospels
  149. Do Not Feed the Ego of Non-Christians by Calling Them
  150. When Were You Born-Again?
  151. How to Prove the Triune God
  152. Different Faiths
  153. What are the Implications of Christianity is not True?
  154. How Does Christianity Relate to Other Eastern Religions? By Winfried Corduan
  155. If Someone Doesn't Believe the Trinity Just Give Them These Verses...
  156. Jesus was Born 6 BC
  157. More Sources for Jesus within 150 years of His death than any 10 Figures Combined
  158. Early Creedal Texts by Gary R. Habermas
  159. Early Historical Documents of Jesus Christ
  160. The Apologetic Value of Philo Not Mentioning Jesus
  161. Do People Willingly Die for What They Know is a Lie?
  162. The Legends Theory Fails to Hold Up Against the Resurrection of Jesus
  163. Before Time Began
  164. Braxton Hunter vs. Daniel Alvarez Debate on Proof for the Existence of God
  165. Is There an Uncreated Creator?
  166. 60% of People Who Call Themselves Christians Claim There are Many Paths to Salvation
  167. How the New Testament was Put Together
  168. When I Read This I am Left in Awe - Mark 15.38, 1 Cor. 15.45, Heb. 2.9
  169. Matthew 22.5,6 Suggests the Savings Ratio
  170. Is the New Testament Trustworthy? by Darrell Bock
  171. Gary R. Habermas interviewed at TruthRevolution.tv
  172. The Shack
  173. Mike Licona (Christian) vs. Matt Dillahunty (Atheist
  174. The Gospels Prove Themselves
  175. Jesus is God Whether You Believe It or Not
  176. Biblocality
  177. Acronym for DESIGNED
  178. The Self-Evident Nature of Objective Moral Truths
  179. Scourging is called Half Death
  180. Thallus
  181. The Gospel Accounts are Reliable
  182. Do People Willingly Die for What They Know is a Lie?
  183. Some People Take Exception the 4 Gospel Accounts Were Written in the Third Person
  184. A Person is not Divisible, but Objects Are
  185. Belief in God Does Not Come from a Changed Life Nor From Scripture
  186. How to overcome religious confusion?
  187. 3 Signs of a Dead Body
  188. Could the Gospel Writers Withstand the Scrutiny of a Lawyer?
  189. Do You Know Why I Find it Impossible Not to Believe in Jesus and the Trinity?