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  1. Monophysites
  2. Contributing and Responding
  3. The Gospel of Mary
  4. Help for Gnostics Regarding the Son of Man
  5. Gnostics & Scientology
  6. What's Wrong With Gnosticism and Deism?
  7. A Tyrant
  8. Gospel of Thomas
  9. How to Help Antony Flew Before It is Too Late
  10. Pretending to be God
  11. Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard) vs. Christianity (Jesus Christ)
  12. Deists are Shallow and Horrible Misreaders
  13. Calvinisim and Universalism are Similar
  14. Does God break promises?
  15. The Deism of Antony Flew is Self-Contradictory
  16. Intelligent Designer Not Worthy of Worship
  17. Dr. Eben Alexander is Going to Hell for He Still Refuses to Give His Life to Christ
  18. Worship Comes from Trust
  19. The Reasoning of a Relativist Breaks Down
  20. Misreading Facts About Adam and Eve in Genesis
  21. Are the Universalists at US Message Board Christians?
  22. Joel Osteen is not a Christian and Never Will Be
  23. The NewsUnit Guy is Confused About Identification in Heb. 11.26